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Council allows trade waste to be deposited on the pavement in contravention of EPA S33

Albermarle St, LB Westminster

Albermarle St

I took these photographs when I attended a meeting at the Royal Institution in Albermarle St just off Piccadilly in the heart of London’s West End.

The red bags have been put out by traders for collected by Westminster council. Similarly the blue bags have been put out for collection by an approved private contractor. Some additional loose  trade waste had been chucked on for good measure.

Between 6.30 and 9.30 pm Westminster removed their red bags and some of the additional waste.The wooden tray  presumably stayed out all night be picked up in the morning by the street cleaners.

Interestingly Pret A Manger, outside whose premises the bags had been placed, said that they held their waste on their premises  from where it was collected by their contractor.

The same council allows some residents to put out their domestic waste  in the same manner. Here you can see the impact this has  in the Fitzrovia area of Westminster.

By allowing businesses and residents to deposit waste on the highway:

Westminster Council are acting in breach of Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act.

They are encouraging collateral fly-tipping and littering, and vermin

They are creating physical hazards for pedestrians in particular for the blind.

They are encouraging the idea that the street is where you dump your waste.

Peter Silverman
11th May 2015



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