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Newsletter – November 2014

On November 19, 2014, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

Select Committee inquiry into litter

Zilch photoThe House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee will start hearing oral evidence on 25th November. The hearings are expected to run into January. I was pleased to see that they will start things off with a real ant-litter campaigner, George Monck of Cleanup UK.

Clean Highways have submitted written evidence calling for the creation of an EPA S89 (Duty to keep land clear of litter) scrutiny body and reform of EPA S91 (Summary proceedings by persons aggrieved by litter). I have suggested consideration be given to decriminalizing litter so that juveniles can be given on-the-spot fines and recommended increased fines for fly-tipping. I have also recommended the reform the Litter Code of Practice in particular doing away with the “last resort”response times. Read more here.

Kerbside Collection of domestic waste

Kingsend bagsI have subsequently written to the Committee Chairman, Clive Betts MP drawing his attention to the evidence submitted by Portsmouth City Council. Their policy of allowing residents to place bags of refuse on the roadside has backfired on them as it did in Birmingham. Read more about the problems of kerbside domestic waste collection.

Meanwhile at the Highways Agency

A404 LitterCleansing of trunk roads
This photo is of the A404 linking the M4 and M40. It is one of  many key trunk roads which, together with the motorways,  constitute the national strategic road network run by the Highways Agency. The Agency are responsible for all aspects of their maintenance apart from cleansing. The Agency cut the grass but the poor old local authority has to pick the litter – a task for which they are generally ill equipped. The transfer of this responsibility to the Agency was one of the recommendations  by consultants Atkins in 2009. It would save money and has widespread support.

I have written to the DfT asking for a update on their position. Most surprisingly I received an immediate acknowledgement and a promise of an early response.  Read more on this here.

M32 J1 slip road not cleaned for over 2 years 6 months ! Go to Clean Highways post

TV AdDon’t Mess With Me” BBC 1’s  investigation into litter is to be broadcast next week. It is going out in 5 parts at 9.00 am  each day from Monday to Friday (24th to 28th November).

I was interviewed at length about motorway litter. Set your recorders now.

Peter Silverman
20th November 2014





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