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Newsletter – March 2016

On March 22, 2016, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

Tune in tomorrow

I will be on BBC Radio 5 Live just after 1.30 pm tomorrow, Wednesday. Guess what I will be talking about.

Westminster report

Thank you for the introductions  to your MPs. Thanks to Kevin Hollinrake MP I was invited to join the Tidy Britain All Party Parliamentaryed Group and attended a meeting on 14th March.

DEFRA minister Rory Stewart  wanted to know what we all felt the government should be doing about litter. I raised the issue of “motorway litter” and pointed out that the Department of Transport had not included any reference to “litter” in the objectives they had set for Highways England. Also, I told him that the HE Monitor, the Office of Rail & Road (ORR), had not mentioned “litter” once  in their first 6 monthly report.

For more on this please go to DfT and ORR ignore “litter” in setting objectives for, and monitoring, Highways England

So far I have met with 14 MPs and have appointments to see two more. If you have not already done so please get on to your MP. There is a draft e-mail to assist you the web site.

Office of Rail & Road

A week earlier I had met with Peter Antolik, the Highways Director at the ORR. I had previously sent him a copy of the 182 complaints I had received since mid November about litter on the HE network. I urged him to write immediately to Highways England pointing out that they were in clear breach of their statutory duty on litter.

Complain about litter on the Highways England Network

Please use the new facility at 

HE Trunk Roads

MP Kevin Hollinrake wrote to Local Government Minister, Marcus Jones, on 2nd March questioning the Governments statement that to transfer cleaning duties on these roads from the respective local authorities to Highways England would require primary legislation.  So far no response has been forthcoming.  I am confident the government has got this wrong as some transfers were made in 2009 under the existing legislation.

Local authorities are simply not equipped to deal with these high speed roads which, in any case, serve the nation rather than the local communities they happen to run through.

Battle of the videos

As you know I recently put out a video explaining the statutory duty to keep highways clear of litter.

I was amused to see a Highways England video which nicely demonstrated their failure comply with this duty.

Many thanks for your continuing support. You are not alone. There are now 517 subscribers to this newsletter!

Peter Silverman
22nd March  2016



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