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Newsletter – 25th March 2015

On March 25, 2015, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

A Dirty Dossier..

All of your excellent feedback  from 1st January to 17th March has been put into a 28 page DIRTY DOSSIER. This has been incorporated into a further report for the Highways Agency’s CEO, Graham Dalton and has been copied to the Agency’s Chairman, Colin Matthews, to roads minister, John Hayes MP,  and to a growing number of interested MPs.

As you see I have quoted extensively from your feedback to add strength to the arguments put forward and have asked the Agency to mount an emergency one-off programme to remove the accumulated litter.

Please make sure you view Aiden Denton’s video of the A20 in Kent.

.. or a strategic vision

What’s important, according to a response from the Agency, is having a “strategic vision”.  While we have been bemoaning the litter and refuse accumulating on our highways, rather than waste time picking it up, they have instead developed a “litter strategy ….  to outline  goals and initiatives” and  “setting out a vision for keeping the network free of litter”.

Increase in viewing figures

The current dire situation has lead to a significant increase in the number of people finding their way to this web site. Averaged over the last two months we are getting 113 visitors per day, up 73% on 2014. They spend on average  2.47 minutes here which I understand is an exceptionally high figure.

This has in turn led to a proportionate increase in the number of communications you are sending me. Please accept my apologies if I have not been able to get back to you as promptly as usual.

Communities and Local Government Select Committee report on “litter”

The recently published report makes reference to “Clean Highways, a group focusing on legislation on litter“.

It has accepted one of my key proposals in recommending “that responsibility for clearing litter and fly-tipping from all purpose trunk roads has to move over to the Highways Agency, and Transport for London in London“.

Read more about the report

Rolling Reports

I have drafted two rolling reports. They will be constantly up-dated to act as focal points for this campaign. They can be accessed from the Main Menu and are:

Solving the litter problem and Litter on motorways and trunk roads


Thanks for your continuing support. Have a good Easter break

Peter Silverman
25th March 2015


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