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Newsletter – June 2016

On June 6, 2016, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman


I was invited by DEFRA to participate in their Litter Strategy for England: Litter Forum on 10th May. This produced some encouraging results. Read more

Litter sting operation on A13

The A13 is the main route from the M25 to the land-fill site at Pitsea near Basildon and the subject of several of your complaints to Highways England.

Following further complaints from the London Borough of Thurrock, Essex Police mounted a one day operation in March targeting inadequately netted waste transport vehicles. 13 drivers were given £100 Fixed Penalty Notices for insecure loads (n.b. not for environmental offences).

I have been invited by Essex Police to observe a repeat exercise later this month.

On-the-spot fines

I met in May with Mike Fisher, the ex serious crimes DI who has pioneered the provision of contract litter enforcement personnel. His company have issued 70,000 Fixed Penalty Notices.  Their arrangements with councils are now often on a no net cost basis with the fines covering the cost of the service.

It means that something really positive can be done to combat the scourge of littering without any additional burden for us council tax payers. See  Kingdom Environmental

Safe roadside litter picking

I am investigating if blocking vehicles with towed buffers could be used to protect manual litter pickers on sections of motorways where there is no hard shoulder obviating the need for static traffic management (i.e. cones). See pictures

Highways England’s new maintenance contract

HE are implementing their redesigned contact in Area 7, the East Midlands in July. It was promised that it would incorporate more litter clearance but this is not born out by my initial examination of the contract. Read more

Thanks again for your continuing support
Peter Silverman
2nd June 2016

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