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Newsletter – February 2015

On February 13, 2015, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

To say its all been happening would be an understatement.


CommonsIn January I had encouraging meetings  with Colin Matthews, the new Chairman of the Highways Agency and with John Pugh MP a member of the Communities & Local Government Select Committee. John’s committee will shortly complete an inquiry into litter.

I told them that the reason our public spaces are so badly littered is that, while duty bodies are required by law to keep their land free of litter they are not subject to any scrutiny. It’s a law without any policing. Inevitably standards have been dumbed down.   With your help Clean Highways is trying to fill the vacuum.

Positive moves at the Highways Agency

Colin Matthews

In October I had sent Colin Matthews  a briefing note critical of the Highways Agency’s service provider contract. Six weeks later  the contract was suspended. A further 5 weeks later it was announced that  Chief Executive of the Agency, Graham Dalton, would to stand down in the summer.

These events are not connected in any way.

Your feedback

I have received 37 messages of support since the beginning of the year. I am also indebted to supporters who have sent me copies of their correspondence with councils, the Highways Agency and their contractors, as well as the results of their own research.  These indicate that matters are going from bad to worse.

Mega report to Highways Agency

I have quoted extensively from this feedback in a six page report to the Highways Agency. In addition to reporting on the state of the network I have made a number of proposals. These include taking maintenance  in-house, various ways of facilitating safe litter -picking, the Agency taking over responsibility for cleaning  trunk roads from local authorities and their prosecuting bulk waste transport operators who allow their loads to spill onto the road.

Make sure you find the link to Sam Beattie’s horror videos of the A64.

I plan to write a parallel report to the Department Of Communities and Local Government about litter on local roads. Again, thank you for your feedback on this.

Why our country is blighted by litter – in a nutshell

The Clean Highways home page now contains a step by step analysis of the litter problem based on five years research. It explains why the legislation is not working and what needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Why not refer your MP  to it and and suggest he meets with me at Westminster.


Peter Silverman
13th February 2015








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