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Newsletter – December 2015

On December 1, 2015, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

Complain directly to Highways England CEO about motorway litter

Jim O'Sullivan

We have set up a new facility whereby anyone can provide feed back about litter on Highways England’s network directly to their CEO, Jim O’Sullivan.

Please click on and take a look.

The first feedback e-mail has already been sent to him.



Increase in motorway injuries coincides with maintenance cuts

KS! chart annotated


I have written to Jim O’Sullivan pointing out that the 40% cut in motorway maintenance expenditure implemented largely in 2013 was followed by an 9% increase in the numbers Killed and Seriously Injured. He has replied saying it is “food for thought”.



Highways England finally accept that they can prosecute those who litter our motorways

Kevin Hollinrake

Thanks to the intervention of MP Kevin Hollinrake HE have gone from denialwe are not a litter authority / enforcement agency – via uncertainty –  legal advice is being sought to establish what if any, enforcement powers we have to acceptance but we knew it all along  and in any case we have thought of a new excuse for doing nothing – we must consider the public interest in pursuing this option, including the cost and time necessary to achieve results.



Bournemouth to employ private contractor to issue on-the-spot litter fines

Bournemouth460Hopefully more councils will follow suit. The service is provided by 3GS.





Highways England CEO quizzed on slip road litter, abandoned signs, performance monitoring and litter accumulations

M1 J11 Sign 23_10_15_edited-1This sign had been in situ at J11 of the M1 for over 12 months.






Thanks for your continuing support – don’t forget to use the new feed back facility.


Peter Silverman
1st December 2015



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