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Newsletter – April 2014

On April 17, 2014, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

Roads Minister says there has been no breach of duty in the northwest (Area 10)

In spite of the the incriminating photographs, the dramatic decline in litter picking and the fact no financial penalties were applied to the contractor when they failed to carry out any litter picking in their first two months on the job, Roads Minister Robert Goodwill  felt that there had been no breach of the statutory duty to ensure the motorways are kept clear of litter. – See my e-mail to him of 9th April.

Why cannot all motorways be kept as clean as the M40?

In the same e-mail I have asked him why the procedures being successfully used to keep the M40 largely clear of litter cannot be applied throughout the network..

Video nasty

Thank you to everyone who sent in photographs of roadside litter. They have been incorporated into this video.

Help me find out where the litter on our motorways and trunk roads is coming from

The ends of slip roads are well known litter black-spots. As they slow down anti-social drivers see it as a opportunity to chuck out that empty paper cup. But what about the rest of the litter including all of that stuff on the main carriageway verges?

(A)  How much is thrown out manually?
(B)  How much is coming off waste transport vehicles?
(C)  How much is coming off the backs of other commercial vehicles?

It is a difficult question to answer. While we see a lot of litter at the roadside, we very rarely see it being deposited.

I can recall witnessing only three instances over the years. In one case it was from a lorry carrying a  damaged portacabin (i.e. a “C”). The other two involved waste transporters – in one case a skip lorry on the A40 and the other a large box shaped waste transporter where litter was escaping from under the roof tarpaulin  (2 “B”s). In both cases the quantities were significant.

What has been your experience?

Please use the contact form to let me know what you have witnessed.

Please be specific. What was deposited, how much, from what type of vehicle and on what type of road – motorway main carriageway / slip road or trunk road. If I get 20 or so replies we will be able to get a useful insight into where it is all coming from.

Kind regards

Peter Silverman
17th April 2014




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