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Highways England spin their statutory duty on litter

Meanwhile Bob and his team do the work for them

Highways England, who run our motorways and some trunk roads  have a statutory duty under Section 89(1) of the Environmental Protection Act to…

Ensure, so far as is practicable, that they keep their highways clear of litter and refuse.

Section 89(2) goes on to say that hard surfaces also have to be kept clean i.e. clear of detritus (decaying vegetation).

However according to Nick Harris, Highways England’s Operations Director, these statutory provisions are only “recommendations”.

Action this link to read more about how the statutory duty on litter is misrepresented by HE and government .

Meanwhile, fed up with waiting for Highways England, Bob Lane and his fellow villagers from Shorne in Kent have cleaned up their local A2 slip road for the second time this year!

Read about their sterling work here.

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Peter Silverman



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