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“Pot holes” & “plastic” but not a single mention of “litter” in the Budget. Nothing about reversing the downward trend in street cleaning expenditure.
This is the Treasury treating litter as a non-issue. DEFRA and the DfT are just as bad.
Therese Coffey MP is the junior minister at DEFRA in charge of litter but you would not know that from this list of her responsibilities taken from their web site:

  • air quality
  • floods, water and waterways
  • 25 Year Environment Plan
  • natural environment, including biodiversity, the marine environment, and international wildlife trafficking
  • resource and environment management

The DfT set Highways England targets for “biodiversity” and “air quality” but not for ”litter”. Read more here.

One notable announcement in the Budget was the that the government will not enter into any more PFI (Private Finance Initiative) deals. However these will continue to bleed Highways England of funds for years to come.See our posts on the M25 and A69 PFI deals.

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