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Newsletter 20_02_18

On February 20, 2018, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

Passing on your complaints to Highways England

Please find below my e-mail to Highways England’s CEO of 19th February.

Dear Mr O’Sullivan,

I have received a reply to my e-mail to you of 5th February from Nick Harris, your Operations Director.

Referring to J27 of the M62 he says “ We regularly inspect the area”. This is incorrect. Tim Calvert has explained that this is a reference to inspections by your contractor – i.e. the company you are paying to clean the junction – not inspections by HE.

Mr Harris  goes on to say “We attended the fours slip roads for litter picking on three occasions between April and October 2017”

What presumably he meant was  “our contractor has told us that they attended the four slip roads …. “

I am surprised he places so much reliance on the word of contractors.  On 11th November 2016 I had written to him with photo evidence showing that litter picking claims by your M25 contractor were fictitious.

Even if we take the cleaning data provided for these slip roads at face value it seems grossly inadequate. Why cannot they be cleaned on a regular basis – weekly if necessary – without completely closing them using this technique ?

Please note that your statutory duty is not to trust your contractor programmes cleaning when excessive amounts of rubbish have accumulated but to ensure, so far as practicable,  that your highways are kept clear of litter and refuse.

Please note that the wording is “practicable” not as John Read and I we were told at the recent Highways England Litter Workshop in Birmingham “reasonably practicable”.  Also, there is no “regularly” before “kept clear” as stated in a communication of 16th February to Ed Vaisey MP from your Correspondence Executive Team.

Kind regards

Peter Silverman

The correspondence can be accessed at Have your say


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