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You will see from Environment Agency fail to prosecute large scale fly-tippers that while the EA are responsible for investigating incidents of large scale fly-tipping (a truck load or more) in 2018 they only prosecuted one minor case.

This post reveals how the web site directs anyone wanting to report an incident of large scale fly-tipping not to the EA hot-line but to councils and CrimeStoppers. CrimeStoppers is a charity that allows people who for example fear retribution from the criminal to report a crime anonymously.

I have cut and pasted below the section from about reporting an environmental incident / waste crime.

Clicking onto the fly-tipping link above takes you which enables you to input a post code to find the relevant council but then lower down you find this

There is nothing here in any way shape or form to say that the EA is involved in investigating large scale fly-tipping or that you should ring their hotline to report incidences of it – as you should.

This is blatant buck passing by DERFA and the EA.

Having said that when I rang their hotline the person I spoke to was aware that they did deal with large scale fly-tipping . So why don’t they say so on web site?


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