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A4 Colnbrook by-pass – 2009 Warning Notice

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From:   Dallon, Sherrie
Sent:   21 July 2009 13:47
To:     ‘RAlagh@Hillingdon.Gov.UK’
Cc:     ‘’

Subject:        EPA S 91 Warning notice

Dear Mr Alagh,

TAKE NOTICE that I Sherrie Dallon, claim thst the highway descvribed in the sachedule hereto is relevant highway under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

AND TAKE NOTICE that the London Borough Of Hillingdon as the principal litter authority have failed to keep the highway described clean.

AND TAKE NOTICE that as I am aggrieved by the want of cleanliness of this highway I am giving you five days notice as required by s 91 para 5 of the Act that I intend to make a complaint to the Magistrates Court under s 91 of the Act for an order to require you to clean the highway.

Yours sincerly

Sherrie Dallon

cc Hugh Dunnachie (Chief Executive)


The A4 Colnbrook Bypass section leading from Slough border, by M25 bridge,and right up to the junction for Stanwell Moor Road and Speedbird Way. Both sides of the motorway are littered, along with the central reservation at the lights, and into Speedbird Way (sections highlighted yellow on the attached maps)


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