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But what happened to the case against Boris?

On August 24, 2011, in Transport for London, by PeterSilverman

Avid readers of this web site  may be wondering what happened to my complaint of 13th July2011 to Uxbridge Magistrates Court asking them to summons  Boris Johnson,  as head of Transport for London (TfL),  to court over the littered London Underground embankments in Ruislip Manor.

The Court became concerned about the involvement of Boris Johnson and asked me to appear before District Judge Wright  so that she could decide whether to issue the summons.  They had contacted TfL who had insisted that London Underground Ltd, a subsidiary of TfL, was the Designated Statutory Undertaker, not TfL itself.    She also explained to me that reference in S91(4) of the Environmental Protection Act to the person who has the duty to keep the land clear”   did not mean a physical person but meant the organisation.

She advised me to go through the whole process from the beginning i.e. submit a new  5 day warning notice – this time to London Underground Ltd.  She set a time for me to present a new complaint to her 11 days later.  This I duly did.  I am pleased to say she  signed the summons I had drafted on the spot.

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Peter Silverman
24t August 2011


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