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See Cleansing of HE trunk roads (APTRS) – transfer of responsibility to HE 


Sevenoaks District Council (A21)

Subject: RE: Highways England Response – A21 Litter responsibility – Reference: 18482640
Sent: 14 Aug 2017 14:03
From: Customer Services <>
To: ‘Alice Blogg’

Dear Alice

Thank you for contacting Sevenoaks District Council.

I have been advised that although we do not schedule a litter pick for the central reservation, unlike the verges, we will try to clear them if any major works are carried out and the highway is closed. In this instance we liaise with Highways England and if we have crew that are qualified to carry out the litter pick we will. As it happens our Direct Services Team have been working with Highways England to see if we can clear the central reservation when they next close the A21, so we will try clear it then.

Should you require further assistance, please call our Customer Services on 01732 227000 or email

On behalf of


Katie Hewins

Senior Customer Services Advisor
Sevenoaks District Council | Council Offices | Argyle Road | Sevenoaks | Kent | TN13 1HG
Tel: 01732 227000

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils

From: Waste Team
Sent: 15 March 2017 15:37
Subject: RE: Litter collection on the A34

Dear Mr Hawkey

Thank you for your email and I’m sorry you’ve had cause to contact us about litter on the A34.

Vale of White Horse District Council is responsible for litter on the A34 where it passes through our district.

I am aware of sections of the verge where littering is heavy however, it is not safe to pick litter in most areas without a lane or a full road closure. It is a very busy trunk road and the hard shoulder is much narrower than on a motorway.

We have accessed large sections from South Hinksey to Botley and between the Marcham and Milton interchanges recently as Highways England have closed these sections for re-surfacing overnight.

There are more overnight closures planned over the coming weeks and we have crews working within these wherever possible. Once these are complete, we will assess what sections we have been unable to access and work with our contractor Biffa and Highways England to secure further partial closures to complete the remaining sections.

Because of the strategic importance of the road, it is not possible to obtain lane or road closures during the day and even where night closures are agreed, they can be cancelled at very late notice for a variety of operational reasons.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Watson
Waste Team Leader
Corporate Strategy
South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils

Tel: 01235 422157


From: Municipal Team 1
Date: 27 March 2017 at 12:40
Subject: RE: Litter Report
To: Philip Mounstephen

Good afternoon and thank you for your email,

We are only able to clean the A34 when there is a scheduled road closure, we do have crew working nights who are attempting to clean the area but parts that are left are due to this being too dangerous which is why we are waiting for there to be a road closure so we can finish cleaning the remaining litter.

Kind Regards,

Xenia Leone
Waste Management Executive
South Oxford & Vale of White Horse
03000 610 610


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