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Transport Focus - zero references to road-side litter

Transport Focus, previously known as the Passenger’s Council, is a consumer organisation financed by the Department for Transport representing the interests of rail users nationally and bus, coach and tram users across England outside London. This role was extended by the Infrastructure Act 2105 to include the strategic network of motorways and trunk roads operated by Highways England (previously the Highways Agency). 

FT describe themselves as the independent transport user watchdog.

Additional funding of £1.78 million pa is being provided (by us) to cover these extra duties.

Section 9 – (Watchdog) of the Infrastructure Act requires TF  to carry out activities to protect and promote the interests of users of the Highways England network. This  may include investigating, publishing reports or giving advice to the Secretary of State on how HE exercise of its functions or achieves of its objectives under a Road Investment Strategy or on any other matters which it considers to users of the network.

One of those functions is of course is to comply with its statutory duty as regards litter.

When I searched their web site on 26th Jan 2016 I found::

57 publications about roads

0 references to “litter” in the context of roads

general contact form inviting comments about the HE network

I contacted TF and was told:

The reason none of their 57 publications have specifically been about litter is simply because relative to the many other things that determine a road users’ satisfaction with their journey the problem doesn’t feature highly.

Only 31 individuals had contacted them about road user issues since April 2015, none of which were about litter. That’s 1.5 per month! Although they have a general contact form

They had never asked HE for  copies of, or a breakdown by topic (litter, congestion, road surface, signage, lighting etc) of, complaints and comments they have received from road users

Peter Silverman
18th February 2017





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