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Littering is going unpunished with most councils issuing less than one fine a week, figures show  

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In an e-mail to the Permanent Secretary at DEFRA I have accused them of creating a debased standard of compliance with the statutory duty to keep land and highways clear of litter – by specifying unjustifiable last resort response times in their Code Of Practice On Litter (COPOL).

Please find below the full text of my e-mail

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E-mail of 5th July 2020 to Roads Minister, Baroness Vere:

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DfT Minister, Rachel Maclean, tries to pull the wool over the eyes of MP Andrew Gwynne in her written answer of 25th June 2020.

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DEFRA’s Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (COPOL) was revised in 2019 and can be accessed via this link.

Part 3 is entitled “Legislation to support the code of practice”. However it includes on pages 43 and 44 references to provisions of the Environmental Protection Act which had been repealed 5 years earlier by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 as if they were current.

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Nick Harris – HE Operations Director

In June 2020 Terry Dean wrote to his MP Barbara Keeley about the littered state of junctions J12, J13 and J14 14 of the M60.

She passed his letter onto Highways England and received this response from HE’s Operations Director, Nick Harris, dated 15th June 2020.

There are a number of flaws in Mr Harris’ letter.

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A good example of the fact that, in spite of all the rhetoric and promises, collaborative working between Highways England and those local authorities who have to clean their trunk roads is simply not working.

I have written again to the Permanent Secretary at the DfT

Please refer to:

Highways England trunk roads – litter shredding on A26 and A27 in East Sussex by Highways England

My e-mail to the Permanent Secretary at the DfT of 21st May 2020