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Out of 123 questions the Transport Select Committee failed to ask Highways England a single one about litter

Transport Committee Oral evidence: The work of Highways England, Wednesday 23 October 2019

Zahid Ahmed, 19, died on M1

I have written an e-mail to Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport about deaths on Highways England’s smart motorways.

In my opinion HE breached their license by failing to set up a stakeholder advisory panel with representatives from “safety groups”.

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I plan to take Highways England to the High Court in March / April asking for a Judicial Review of their failure to comply with their statutory duty to ensure that they keep the motorways, and certain of their trunk road, clear of litter, so far as it practicable.

So, please record your observations of their network via HAVE YOUR SAY (aka Comments and discussion).

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The formation of the JUWC was announced in a 15th January 2020 press release from DEFRA. The new unit bolsters the Environment Agency’s (EA) existing efforts to tackle waste crime. But there is confusion over its impact on fly-tipping.

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Reproduced from article by Charles Hymans in the Daily Telegraph of 4th January 2020

Paltry fly-tipping fines of under £50 are failing to deter criminals from dumping waste, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned. 

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Truth revealed over littering from vehicles regulations

On December 6, 2019, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

In July 2016 DEFRA wrote to Highways England saying that they were planning to give bodies that had a responsibility to keep land free of litter the power to issue the new Penalty Charge Notices for littering from vehicles. They asked HE if they wanted to take these powers on. HE said they did not.

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You can report problems to the relevant council including street cleansing and fly-tipping. Simply click on from your computer

You can do the same on your mobile via the Fix-My-Steet app – highly recommended as you can report issues while you are out and about.

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Even if its contractor stuck religiously to the specification shown in the document below Highways England would still not be in compliance with their statutory duty.

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Highways England took over responsibility for the strategic road network in April 2015. Section 5.22 of their license stated that they had to set up a Stakeholder Advisory Panel which was to include “environment and safety groups”.

In 2017 they set up a Strategic Planning Advisory Panel billed as a “means of securing views as well as challenge in the company’s work on strategic planning“. It did not however include any non-governmental “environment or safety groups”. The potentially embarrassing topics of safety and litter had been been neatly side stepped.

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In June 2018 DfT officials asked Highways England for the costs that would be incurred if they took over the cleaning of those of their trunk roads on their network which councils had to clean. 16 months later no response has been forthcoming .

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