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A good example of the fact that, in spite of all the rhetoric and promises, collaborative working between Highways England and those local authorities who have to clean their trunk roads is simply not working.

I have written again to the Permanent Secretary at the DfT

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Highways England trunk roads – litter shredding on A26 and A27 in East Sussex by Highways England

My e-mail to the Permanent Secretary at the DfT of 21st May 2020


The DfT hold no detailed breakdown of the figures included in RIS2. They have seemingly been approved without any meaningful scrutiny.

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Copy of article by Graeme Paton in the Times of Monday May 18 2020,

Motorways are becoming “rubbish tips” because of the failure of highways chiefs to clear litter and debris, according to the former roads minister.

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Reports from the A27 Clean Up Campaign indicate that Highways England have been strimming the verges on these roads and shredding litter in the process. These incidents were within the District of Lewes.

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Bernadette Kelly DfT

My e-mail to Bernadette Kelly, the Permanent Secretary at the DfT, 29th April 2020:

Dear Ms Kelly,

I am writing about the persistently littered state of those trunk roads on the Highways England Network where each Local Authority has to clean its section even though these roads serve a national rather than a local purpose. 

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Vale of White Horse District Council are one of the local authorities who have to clean their section of this Highways England trunk road.

They are in the same positions as Rugby Borough Council are with regard to the A46 Coventry By-pass highlighted in this video

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Sadly Sean Lawson passed away in 2017


RIS2, the second 5 year Road Investment Strategy for Highways England went live on 1st April 2020. Under S3 (3) of the Infrastructure Act:

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