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This is an up-date to an earlier post Environment Agency report vague about large-scale fly-tipping. I have now received a reply to my information request.

Of the 113 prosecutions they made in 2018 it looks as if they made at the most just one prosecutions for fly-tipping. They wrote that:

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In September I reported that I had written to Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, warning him of my intention to seek a Judicial Review of the Prime Minister’s Office’s failure to decide my complaint that DEFRA minister, Therese Coffey MP, had misled the House of Commons over the exclusion of motorways etc from the Littering From Vehicles Outside London Regulations.

Not having received any response from him I filed a claim for a judicial review with the High Court on 9th October and served copies on the Government Legal Office, Therese Coffey MP and Tamara Finkelstein, the Permanent Secretary at DEFRA on 18th October. A certificate of service was lodged with the High Court.

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The DfT and Highways England have claimed that their Area 5 contractor, Connect Plus M25 Ltd, are monitored to check that they remove litter within the time scales set out in the DEFRA Code of Practice on Litter.

On 15th May I wrote to the DfT to explain why this could not be the case. Not having received a response I wrote to the Permanent Secretary on 21st August 2019 expressing my disappointment.

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Grant Shapps

See Residents, councils and MPs demand A27 cleansing be transferred to Highways England

The A27 Clean Up Campaign have yet to receive any response or acknowledgement of their letter of 13th August 2019 to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP.

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In spite of the fact that the Environment Agency is responsible for investigating larger scale fly-tipping and fly-tipping by organised gangs their report entitled Regulating for people, the environment and growth, 2018 only mentions fly-tipping once in its 53 pages.

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As far as general upkeep and litter are concerned the ORR seem to take what they are told by HE at face value.

When HE produces a document, this is considered to be positive step regardless of how pointless it might be. 

They make no physical checks of their own. Are they just paperwork pushers costing us £2.5 million pa?

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Vacuum Cleaner for motorways

On September 27, 2019, in Highways England, by PeterSilverman