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Response By E-mail (Bethany Whiteoak) (23/03/2018 10.28 AM)
Dear M Pease,
Re: Litter
Thank you for contacting Network Rail regarding the above matter.
Network Rail is the victim of crime in this situation. Regular litter picks take place around station environments to try and manage the endless task of litter crime. Trackside litter picks are also undertaken.
Funding of Network Rail is prioritised and must focus on the issues that cause risk or danger to passengers or the general public. in this regard large scale litter / waste clearances are only undertaken when funds allow.
We will monitor this situation from track side and via cab riding and clear areas that do pose a risk or nuisance to our neighbours.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding.
Kind Regards,
Community Relations
Auto-Response By (Administrator) (20/03/2018 08.25 AM)

See Network Rail misrepresent their statutory duty on litter

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Peter Silverman
23rd March 2018


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