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Litter TramlinkDionne Wilkinson has been campaigning for 4 years to get Tramlink to clean up their act. Her latest e-mail to the operators, First Group, says it all.

From: dionne wilkinson []

Sent: 30 April 2013 10:37


Cc:; Lesley Sorrell;

Subject: RE: Litter at Mitcham

Dear Keri,

I first sent you an email about the Litter on 9 March 2009 that is nearly four years ago and as you can appreciate I have spent more than enough time on this.

I cannot understand why TFL have not implemented changes in the way the Contractors work. Its not enough that member of the public have complained time after time and indeed threatened TFL with Court action to get anyone’s attention.

You have made promises in the past that Contractors have been changed. Is it too much to ask what exactly is in their job description?

As previously mentioned Mitcham Tram Stop is a very busy station and I commute every day and can assure you that the area has not been touched for one month now and whilst the platforms are relatively clear of litter, the banks are not. This needs to be done at least once a month to keep on top of it it and would greatly improve the area. I have spoken to quite a number of Commuters about this and they are of the same opinion.

I appreciate that the two bins at the top of the pathway fill up quickly and overspill and do think their design is sadly not helping the situation. I shall be asking the Council at the next meeting to look at maybe changing them to something bigger and more accessible.

On another note can I ask why we don’t have access to the new trams. The traffic has increased considerably and 15 mins between trams is extremely poor and just not acceptable especially in the rush hour.

I would appreciate a response to this?

Thank you

Kind regards


Dionne Wilkinson




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