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DEFRA funding of Keep Britain Tidy

On June 28, 2011, in Keep Britain Tidy, Parliament, by PeterSilverman

Central government funding was as follows:

2010/11    £4.75m
2011/12    £4.00m *
2012/13    £3.50m
2013/14    £2.25m
2014/15    £0.50m


2015/16  £ nil **
2016/17 £ nil (budgeted)


* 2011:   The coalition Government provide grant funding to Keep Britain Tidy (£4 million in 2011-12) to work for improved local environmental quality, to provide advice to local and national government on all aspects of litter prevention, management and measurement. Partners from business are also making voluntary contributions to the campaign both financially and in kind. Source

** 2015/16 . Defra made the following payments to Keep Britain Tidy in 15/16 for sprecifuc tasks (as opposed to funding of its campaigning activities):

 £9,500.00 – grant contribution towards the Clean for the Queen campaign, specifically for providing resource packs to help support and encourage schools
to participate in the campaign, and to support monitoring and evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of the campaign, to help inform the development of
the Government’s National Litter Strategy
 £29,986.00 – Analysis and write-up of the Local Environment Quality Survey for England data for 14/15 (data collected by KBT under contract during the
previous financial year)
 £8,341.20 – Enforcement training for single use plastic carrier bags charge
 £3,828.00 – Website design for the National Fly-tipping Prevention Group

A total of £51,655

DEFRA stated that KBT are free to bid for work put out by DEFRA

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Peter Silverman
8th July 2016


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