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Contempt for values, such a litter, a factor in the riots

On August 12, 2011, in Parliament, by PeterSilverman

James Morris (Halesowen and Rowley Regis, Conservative) spoke in yesterday’s House of Commons  debate on the riots and quoted a constituent who had written to him saying

“I may be wrong but I believe that the riots are symptomatic of a disrespect of values and we can trace the causes to a lack of discipline in schools; to a contempt of values ranging from litter, graffiti, antisocial behaviour through to more serious crime. I am convinced links exist.

I hope, perhaps in vain, that on this occasion, that sympathy will not be extended to the culprits of riots but to the victims. Instead of sympathising with the perpetrators, I hope that the Government will look to discipline in society that is currently weak and is a major factor in our present circumstances…Now is the time and the responsible public will be with you.

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