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38 drivers were killed on smart motorways over the past five years. Most were hit by other vehicles after being unable to make it to a refuge area – according to Telegraph article reproduced below

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The Environment Agency (part of DEFRA) are responsible for dealing with large scale fly-tipping (of a lorry load or more) leaving the smaller incidents to Local Authorities.

These statistics issued by DEFRA however exclude incidents dealt with by the Environment Agency.

The reason is simple – they have given up prosecuting fly-tippers


Environment Agency only prosecuted 1 fly-tipper in 2 years

Environment Agency fail to prosecute large scale fly-tippers


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On September 24, 2020, in Uncategorized, by PeterSilverman

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Legally binding targets – but not for litter

On September 23, 2020, in DEFRA, Legislation, by PeterSilverman

The Government have announced it will introduce targets in four priority areas to “drive significant and lasting environmental improvements”. They will be for:

  • cleaner air
  • cleaner water
  • less waste
  • more biodiversity
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Professor Frank Kelly (right) stated on Jim Al-Khalili’s Life Scientific podcast of 19th May 2020 that he had sent a report to government in 2013 pointing out that the levels of nitrogen dioxide in diesel vehicle exhausts in London were forty times greater that claimed by manufacturers.

When asked “what happened” be replied that “nothing happened“.

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Critique of two letters from Highways England’s Nick Harris to Barbara Keeley MP

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Environment Bill – roadside litter excluded by DEFRA

On August 28, 2020, in DEFRA, Legislation, by PeterSilverman

How the “environment” became the “natural environment” to exclude our littered highways from scrutiny by the Office of Environmental Protection


The Bill establishes the Office of Environmental Protection with the power to investigate complaints that a public authority has failed to comply with environmental law (C 29 (1)).

While the environment we live in includes everything we experience when we step outside – pavements, roads, parks, the countryside, our waterways, beaches, air and climate, this bill excludes our pavements and roads from the remit of the Office of Environmental Protection.

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Rebecca Maclean MP DfT Minister

In June 2020 DfT Minister, Rachel Maclean, stated in a written answer to Andrew Gwynne MP about litter on the M67:

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The government routinely ignore the statutory duty on litter or, if they have to mention it, dumb it down/ misrepresent it. This is particularly so in the context of Highways England.

I have concluded that this is part of a tacit policy by officials to mislead Ministers, Parliament and the country.

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