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Claims of gum litter reductions to be checked

On October 14, 2013, in Other street scene, by PeterSilverman

Please go to and look up the news item dated 6th October 2013.

It says, referring to the Chewing Gum Action Group’s 2013 anti- gum litter campaign:

“Results from previous years demonstrate the significant impact of the campaign on gum litter levels. Following 2012’s activity, gum litter levels fell by an average of 54% in participating areas, with some authorities reporting even better results. Cardiff Council reported a 93% decrease whilst Nottingham City Council and Coventry City Council announced drops of 88% and 85% respectively”.

I find these claims so incredible that I have asked Cardiff, Nottingham and Coventry city councils for the supporting evidence.

Peter Silverman
14th October 2013


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