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Before becoming Under-secretary of State for Transport with responsibility for the motorways Conservative MP Mike Penning led a debate in Westminster Hall on “Litter on motorways and trunk road“s on 30 March 2010.

The following quotations have bee taken from his speech:

“I asked for this debate out of the anger and real frustration that I, my constituents and indeed everyone in the country has experienced at the fact that our great country and our excellent road network are being blighted by the rubbish..”

“I am very aware that there is legislation in place to deal with this problem. Frankly, however, having driven around the highways and byways of Britain, particularly our motorways, I know that it is not working”.

“If someone leaves the great city of London and travels up the M1 from Brent Cross, they are driving through a rubbish tip-there is no other way to describe it.”

“Clearly, that rubbish has been there for some considerable time”.

“That piece of motorway has only been open for about a year, but if a driver looks at it now as they enter my town it is absolutely covered in litter”.

“Clearly, the M1 in my part of the world, which is the responsibility of the Highways Agency, is hardly being cleared up at all. As I have said, I know that simply by looking casually out of my car window and seeing the length of time that some litter has been left in place”.

“Frankly, I am very angry that our beautiful countryside is being blighted”.

“If someone is a passenger, they look out of their window and what do they see? Refuse. Everywhere you go, there is rubbish and litter”.


You can also see the full debate on  video and read a transcript.



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