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From: “Andrew Edgington”


Subject: Litter on M32, near Bristol – Junction 1 – Southbound slip road offside verge

To – Secretary of State or Transport


COMPLAINT – failure to control litter on M32 J1

I have recently had an exchange of emails with Balfour Beatty about the state of J1 of the M32.

The offside verge of the J1 southbound slip road has been in an disgusting state for several months.

It has a serious accumulation of litter.

I have sent your contractor photographs, along with several complaints.

They have now told me – see below – that they do not have enough money to keep the motorway clean.

They are also referring to safety issues.

They are clearly passing the buck to your department and saying that unless you instruct them to

spend more, they are content to allow a failure to comply with the statutory obligation – which I understand falls on you – to keep the M32 clean.

I feel this is a clear breach of the law and would ask you to intervene.

I look forward to your comments.

I would be happy to supply recent photographs of the area in question,

Yours sincerely


Andrew Edgington



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