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After repairs why do the contractors leave behind hundreds of cones; loads of metal sign frames; many diversion signs dumped into hedgerows. If you would like to see what i am on about just take the A 45 from Rushden to Northampton and all will be revealed. Surely the culprits are breaking the law and should be prosecuted.

Trevor Dilley

Support messages following BBC1’s “Don’t Mess with Me”  broadcast on 28th November are shown in green

Well done Peter – you speak for many of us

Mary Stubbs

Re: the recent BBC programme: I can’t understand what the HA’s Tim Lyver is on about regarding having to close lanes for litter picks on motorways. On countless occasions I have seen HA personnel & contractors litter-picking along normal verges with minimal protection ! Another excuse for inaction, no doubt.

Ian Dare

Good on you Peter !!  Saw you on tv yesterday 28.11.14. You deserve on MBE/OBE.  I’m a truck driver born Neasden (Middx) but working out of Stoke-on-Trent. Many of the verges I see daily on my travels are a disgrace. I blame solely the morons who put the garbage there. Long-term the only solution is for the Highways Agency or councils to video and prosecute those who blight our country. Constantly clearing -up after lazy “animals” won’t work by itself.

Chris Beaver

Many thanks for taking on this task on behalf of all of us. Like you, I have been depressed at the amount of litter which appears at the side of our roads – with apparently little or no attempt to clear it up. Your energy and determination to do something about it is an inspiration to us all. Best regards.

Mark Fynn

Just seen your reporg on tv.  Thank you Peter for championing this worthy cause.

John Mitchell

Well done. I have just seen your bit about the highways and had no idea the government etc where legally responsible to keep[ our motorways etc clear.

Trevor Sawyer

Well done. I’ve just seen you on the programme, Don’t Mess With Me and I would like to say a big thank you for all your efforts,I think it is marvelous what you have done .

Michelle King

Brilliant work- thank you for your work, keeping authorities accountable. Great to see someone promoting social conscience and keeping agencies accountable. 

Skipper Hinton

Dear Peter, i just wanted to say thank you to you for your efforts against littering. ….  The state of our roads is truly disgusting but what can we do? I am truly horrified at the mind set of the people that think it’s ok just to chuck stuff around. What I hate most is plastic bags, they are such a hazzard and an environmental disaster waiting to happen. I think the problem is only going to get worse because it would appear that only a few of us actually care about this beautiful country. I wish I could do more but I don’t know what to do. Any ideas??   Annabel, very fed up.

Mrs Annabel Pearce

M2 / A2 West   What is it about the mindless litter dumpers in the UK, and the Highways Agency’s inability to see the problem? Most HGVs using the A2/M2 are the same HGVs who use the motorways in France and Belgium. How come their motorways are kept clean? Maybe they have proper truck-stops, with toilets, litter facilities, etc…

Bob Lane

Dear Peter,  Just wanted to say how much I admire you for the proactive stance you are taking re motorway litter. As a regular picker in my local area of Northumberland, I appreciate how frustrated you must be at times – just know that you are not alone, that you have the support of others and that what you do is very much appreciated! Thank you,

Eleanor Phillips

 I would like to make a donation to your organisation is that possible.

Melford Bramble

A404 Berkshire – I read with interest your article about the A404 in Buckinghamshire. I have complained to Maidenhead and Windsor Council about the state of the littering on their section. Maybe the time has come to threaten them with a littering abatement order!

Philip Samuel

Litter epidemic I realise the great work you are spear-heading but feel that you are ‘a one man band’… This issue in its present form, will run and run, unless there is action from on high coupled with regular ‘policing’ by the environment agencies.

Have just returned from Croatia/Montenegro and did not once, see any litter-a sad indictement indeed!


Roadside Rubbish a disgrace.   Our roadsides and streets are full of every kind of litter. I believe it is in the psyche of the British people, I just think they don’t care, I don’t think they even notice it. I live in Cambridgeshire and I think it is as bad here as anywhere in the country. It’s laughable that we talk about this great place of learning, if you come from most of Europe and many other countries you must think you have come to the wrong place. The grass on the sides of the roads have been cut recently and the rubbish is just left. 

One slight positive note, when in Hunstanton recently I saw litter pickers everyday including the verges.
We need all authorities to instructed that it is unacceptable and that it must be cleared. Once it is cleared the law should enforced very strongly. Any body caught littering especially trade and commercial waste should given very heavy fines.

Paul Plumb

The M11/A11 and A505 in North Essex and Cambridgeshire are astonishingly and embarrassingly filthy. I absolutely commend your efforts in raising the awareness of our plight and I also thoroughly support the ‘don’t be a tosser, bin your litter’ sentiment. There is no litter-chucking in Singapore – that’s because they will shove you in jail if you do. Maybe we should follow suit – a measly few quid in the unlikely event of being caught is not going to deter the ignorant. Thank you for this site – excellent.

Lucy Clayton-Payne

No-one in authority appears to take pride in our road network. I drive a lot in France where the autoroutes are pristine and litter-free. I think this is partly because the agrarian French simply don’t litter like the post-industrial Brits do, and partly because being privatised, the companies who run the French autoroutes look after them better than the Highways Agency here, which appears pretty slack. (The M6 toll road here is kept in good nick for similar reasons) It’s so depressing crossing the Channel back to dirty British motorways. Perhaps motorway privatisation is part of the answer? 

I read about a great Australian (it would be) anti-road litter poster which to accompany the photo of a hand chucking something from car window, had the arresting caption ‘Don’t be a tosser – bin your litter’. Perhaps that’s the sort of language needed to shock, and change people’s habits.
Keep up the great work.

Jamie Ross

Area 10 – Excellent work – keep it up! Area 10 is filthy under this new contractor!

I’ve noticed that the motorways around Manchester have become much dirtier. I wrote to the agency about the strategy of the hard shoulders on the M60 and M62, which around Christmas were in the worst state I have ever seen. Now thanks to your website, which I found from an article about Denton Island in the MEN I know why! Obviously cost cutting, and/or the  new contractor winning on price, not quality. The rubbish on the hard shoulder is also a safety risk, but the agency were disinterested. (137)

Ford Desmoineaux

Doers v’s talkers(Politicians!)  Good to see you highlighting this problem.   I really thought that when London Olympics was on there would be a massive clean up of roadside verges around London especially the A2 and A20 roads from Dover… Rubbish is strewn the length of the highway and the lay-by’s need complete clean up …. Nothing was done to the verges and the areas approaching Blackwall tunnel by the Kidbrooke turn off have to be the worst for litter thrown from cars.  Keep up the good work!

Carl Kisicki

Although our local council keep the streets and roads of our locality very clean, the litter strewn along the motorway and trunk road embankments is appalling. Who do we contact to deal with the sections of motorway in our locality? Who is responsible?

Our beautiful country is continuously marred by the presence of constant litter. What do you think can be done to tackle this growing problem?

Chris Ashby

I’ve just come back from a 500 mile round trip in France – a return journey on auto routes and N roads from the French alps to Clermont-Ferrand – and saw less litter on the entire trip than I saw this evening on the A130 from the A127 to the A12 junctions! The quality of the road surfaces, architecture and verges/central reservations were fabulous,

Peter Martin

A627M and Slattocks link road Middleton Gtr Manchester. –  Hi. Came across your website whilst searching for someone to contact and complain to about the litter in this area which absolutely disgraceful.   Our motorways should be a pride to us as a nation. God knows what visitors from abroad think of us !!? Good to know there is a committed campaigner out there. How can I get some action I this ? Regards. 

Paul Bolton

Looking at the root cause –  Rubbish coming more from contracted vehicles not cars.  Dear Peter, my partner is a chauffeur and travels over 10,000 miles amonth. He has never seen rubbish thrown from a car on a motorway, in car parks and laybys yes but not along the roads. If you look at the type of rubbish on the roadsides – pallett wrap, plastic sacks, foam, this must come from commercial vehicles. I followed a skip lorry once when papers flew out due it not being netted properly, I sent you photos of this a while ago. My question is are you looking at the root cause of the litter – I drive along a road that goes past a re-cycling centre every day, I have seen HDC litter picking on many occasions, but as soon as they get it cleared it seemd to be back again. It would be interesting to look at the routes of skip lorries to see if the problems are worse on these roads where litter can blow out of them and end up along the roadsides. Well done to you for keeping up with this relentless campaign, its good to know that there are many supporters who are also saddened and ashamed by the state of our countryside.

  Sue Hose

A34 and A45 – good luck with your campaign!  Huge amount of litter on the A34 in Hampshire / Berkshire, before and after the Newbury by-pass. Thousands of bottles, bags and road debris especially near Tot Hill services. mustn’t have been cleared for a year at least.  A45 from Dunchurch through to Coventry also bad, the central reservation worst of all. Don’t get me started on Waste / landfill trucks – so often netting on top of them prevents nothing, and you follow a stream of litter they deposit.

 Dan Ratcliffe


Derbyshire –  Thanks for putting this together.  So depressing to start and end my work day with a drive up (or down) the M1 and A38 in Derbyshire.  Sickening amounts of litter and plastic wrapped around the trees.  I find it so depressing.  I would pick it up myself, if it was not for the obvious danger involved.  Whenever   there is an accident the police just leave bits of car, cones, tape floating around as well, so they obviously don’t care either.  I can honestly say, it has made me consider leaving the country  I truly love.  Can’t stand it much longer.. might take the law into my own hands! (130)

Nicky Holmes

The state of our roadsides. – Hi peter, I’m a Delivery driver around the ipswich  area and I can’t believe how bad the amount of rubbish lying around our main roads, carrier bags, bottles of urine, plastic bottles, beer cans energy drink to name a few, it’s got very bad now and nobody cares, I’ve been told by some one who went on holiday in Denmark the reason why the Danes and Swedes don’t come here is because it’s too dirty.

 Adrian Rudd

Hi Peter, A34 –  I recently contacted the dpt of transport regarding the abysmal quantity of litter along the A34, I have received a totally inadequate answer stating that the cleaning was left to the local authorities. I have contacted them about this in the past to no avail.  I am sure this is a very familiar story but I thought you might be interested.  the A34 is the worst road in Britain as far as I am concerned.  may be we should start a competition for the worst road in Britain…..

  Francoise Brindle

I fully support this endeavour. The more people who get involved the better. I’ve recently returned from living in the USA for six years and the appalling state of our roads, pavements, and verges has shocked me. It’s as if the UK has collectively suffered a catastrophic loss of self-respect. I regularly collect bags of litter from the roads around my house, but I feel I need to do more.

Michael Barnard

Motorway (and other) roadside litter is a disgrace to the country.  Keep up the good work. I can only concentrate on our local litter. It needs someone like you to tackle the bigger problems.

Ann Fay

I applaud the good work you do and support your efforts to make our elected representatives more accountable. Keep up the pressure!

Jeff Yates

Peter, I wish you all the best with your campaign.  The problem seems to be worse than it has ever been and the contrast between here and France could not be more striking.  I am very impressed with your persistence, my Local County Council no longer acknowledge my emails and I had to resort to my M.P.  However the situation has not improved, lets hope that this time something great happens.

John Kent

Less littered highways – I support your message. Value for money clearing highway litter. Less time litter lies.  Educate campaigns

Jen Dunford

I am deeply upset at the state of our roads with regard to litter.  We appear to be in a worse state than many third World countries. What a mess!!!

 Michael Orpin

So appreciative that litter is being taken seriously.  I have had visitors staying with me from Norway, Sweden,the States… who have all stated how shocked they have been by the litter and commented that the United Kingdom is becoming like a Third World Country. It needs to be remembered that The Great Plague caused by rats is only dormant and with the right environmental triggers can reassert itself.  All children should be educated on the affects of mindless litter throwing but, more than anything, adults need to be educated too…

Stephanie Sorrell

Whole journey on the M6 from Junction 18 to 13 was blighted by litter.     Joe Roe

I am constantly appalled by the verge litter. This time of year before spring growth is particularly depressing. Year on year…….more rubbish. 

Justin Vallance

I’m so glad you are doing this. Hello! I’m so glad there is someone else out there who is as horrified and demoralized as I and my family are at the shameful state of Englands’ motorway embankments.  

My husband and I traveled from Manchester down to north Wales and the litter was unbelievable! It made me very upset. I thought of filming the journey showing the amount of rubbish and putting it on youtube / facebook and then i found this website. Shall i send you the video / photos? what can i do to help? Kind regards,

Claire Marsden

Clearing Roadside verges of litter. How can i get my council, Cheshire West & Chester, to conduct more roadside litter picking?  I regularly e-mail them stating which roads i think need attention.  Very little is done.  Please advise.  I live in a lovely part of Cheshire, unfortunately like most other places in modern day Britain, seems to be getting dirtier by littering!! I get very annoyed at the state of our roads, as i travel alot in my job. Thanks

Dave Formstone

1 litter pick per year. Keep up the good work. Our roads our a disgrace.  I was amazed to see how little they do to keep this road clear of litter, despite it being far worse than what you have shown on your videos.

Chris Dawson

Hi I am glad I found a like minded person as I am becoming very down beat about the quite literally appalling state of our roadsides, standards are at an all time low and litter is worse than it ever has been.  I have ran a litter action group through litter action and CPRE etc for years the council dont give us any help treat us like we are seeing things when we report litter and people are becoming worse for litter by the week.  Its very disheartening and I have even considered leaving this country as it is getting that bad.  My big issue at present is the disgusting state of the slip roads and especially where cars stop coming off and on motorways, there are several absoloutly astonishingly littered areas like this around my area off the M6 and M62 especially.  Like you say it is a national disgrace and no one seems to care or be doing anything.  iIam ashamed of my beloved Britain and want to do more but what can we do?

Wayne Beesley

Well done Peter for your amazing hard work and tenacity. The world needs more like you. I will keep an eye out for J9 at Gatwick on my next visit to the UK.  Greetings from a clean Switzerland!

James Brown

Litter on rural and main roads – Litter is a big problem on all roads. I pick up litter on the rural roads around me as I can’t bear it but rely on others or councils to do the same elsewhere. Sadly litter is building up on our verges, encouraging more littering and getting blown around the countryside. We need to keep pressure on to ensure clear ups and also look at ways to discourage littering.

Mary S.

Well done Peter. Keep up the good work.  John F.

British roads are among the filthiest in the developed world. S B.

I live in Bournemouth and the road visitors have to travel down (Spur road) is full of litter on the verges, what must they think as they enter our lovely town?

Susanne K.

Litter is offensive to other road users and dangerous to wildlife.

Jean F.

Keep up the good work. Have the same problems down south on the M27 & M3. Simply dreadful. Have to complain all the time. Simply not good enough. I hope you continue to make the Highways Agency sort out motorways mess. However, the problem starts with people themselves. It’s getting that rectified in the first place.

Rob Njaz

Well done, Peter, for starting this campaign.  It’s good to see some action on this. As part of a neighbourhood litter-picking group on Merseyside I am often frustrated by the inactivity of authorities who have responsibility for clearing the highways but don’t!  Littering breeds littering. In the last three years we have collected 865 bags of litter in our area. Who knows what the place would look like if we hadn’t done it, but we can’t do the motorways!

Bess Smith

This is a very worthwhile campaign so well done Peter for keeping up the pressure.

Christine B.

I fully support the Clean Highways Campaign. It sickens and saddens me to see so much litter and rubbish on the UK’s motorways.

Anita R

Looks awful – depressing to see. Encourages more littering and uncaring attitudes. Bad for wildlife.

Penny Q

Litter is a sign of a society that does not care and is the clearest indication of government failing in its primary duties.

Mike O.

Litter is yet one more indicator of the lowering of standards across the country. Without social cohesion, constantly under attack by ever larger and more remote councils and remote politicians. It is indicative that we need legislation to force action rather than responsible authorities who have pride in their remit. Good on you Peter.

David M.

My German friend visited me recently and she could not comprehend why a wonderful country so admired by the German nation is filthy. I tried to explain why but being a German she could not understand the lack of national pride. There is litter in Germany but not along rural roads and villages and town centres and any that is present all the Autobahnen is quickly removed. She was amazed at the amount of coca cola cans and drink bottles littering the country. Once again I explained that our government refuses to legislate to introduce a deposit system on containers. She replied but it works! A German would not throw a tin or plastic bottle into a litter bin! Says it all anout our culture and attitude towards litter – no leadership from MP’s and Government and no responsibility from the populus and the fast fast and drink industry. But My theory is latter supply large sums of corporate funds to promote government lead events suvh as the Olympics.

Brian Reynolds


Petition to the Government? Terrific that you’re stirring things up Peter. We regularly do litter sweeps around our town. Is there a petition that I can sign and spread the word about specifically on clearing up our motorways?

 Jessica Chivers

Litter blindness?  Magnificent work thanks! I often wonder what our leaders and royalty think when they see the abysmal and ever growing  walls of litter lining our roads, do you think they have special litter blanking windows??  

Francoise Brindle

Keep up the good work Peter.  I have just returned from living abroad and the level of litter astounds me. It’s everywhere but the roadsides are particularly disgusting.  I regularly pick up relatives from Heathrow airport and have the misfortune of traveling along the A41.      A road strewn with rubbish, abandoned road work paraphernalia and unrepaired crash barriers.  You can see first time visitors jaws drop as they survey ‘modern Britain’. To say I’m embarrassed is an understatement. I am trying to get something done but finding an authority to take responsibility is a huge task.

 Mike Coker


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