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Keep up the good work Peter. I am currently in the procees of getting sections of the M56 cleaned (junctions5-7).  I will let you know how I get on/whether I need to apply for a litter abatement order. I have previously had sections of the A1 cleared (800 bags of rubbish picked, apparently).

 Michael Pease

Thank you so much Peter for all your impressive good work.  I would be pleased to help in the future.  As a frequent visitor to France I am shocked by the difference between the two countries, and this was not the case until 10 or maybe 15 years ago. very sad!  

I think a little pain, like having to slow down  for allowing regular litter picking teams might increase awareness of the problem and might encourage people to want to keep Britain beautiful.

 Francoise Brindle

Littered road verges.  Well done for your continued good work chasing down officialdom for their lack of hard work in combating our country’s disgusting road verge litter problem. 

Robin Brown 

I support your sentiments 100%. After returning to the UK to live, for family reasons, I am deeply saddened to see the level of vandalism that is happening to this beautiful country in the way of littering. I feel so frustrated that one programme after another seems to have had no effect on this appalling habit and councils and governments seem powerless to find a solution. I am happy to pick up litter but that is not the solution… what can be done to stop people doing this in the first place??? Does anybody in power care about trying to stop it ?? I am ashamed of my own country and the attitudes that prevail here. Thankfully, there are those who do care, but are we in a position to make a difference? Thank you for all you are doing to try and change things.

  Kath Sadler

Dear Peter,   Keep up the good work!  If we all pull together we can clean up Britain. We are blessed to live in such a nice country but it really gets me down when I see how dirty our streets are. As a nation we need to sort it out. We need a campaign from a leading figure, say Bradley Wiggins!! to address the nation. It is a time when when we are all proud to be British during the Jubilee and Olympic year and if we can get the proud British public to see that litter is really letting down our nation then that would be great thing.

Thomas Bickle

Costs.  Peter, I have written before, and support your fight 200%. However, I find it terrible that you have suffered personal costs in trying to do the right thing for us and the environment. Can I suggest you include a ‘donations’ link on the web site. PayPal or similar, I know you are not in it for the money, but I am sure if you publicised the fact in greater detail that the last effort on our behalf cost YOU £8000+. It’s a frightening thought. I will be happy to donate if you provide a link, as will others!! This cannot continue. £8000 would provide a lot of clearing up and all it’s done is gone to the legal profession and the Govermnents costs??? Not right. Andrew.

 Andrew Gates 

Court rules M40 J1 not defaced by litter;   Dear Peter,   A very unfair and illogical judgement.  Your campaign has been inspiring and brave. Please keep going, I’m sending a donation towards your costs. Best wishes. 

Victoria Scott

Peter, I applaud your efforts. Our streets and roads are filthy and a national disgrace. I have campaigned in Battersea / Wandsworth for cleaner streets and more street bins. But every time I walk down the road I see unacceptable litter and can fill a bag by walking 200 m. Clapham Common is appalling and in 30 minutes you can pick up 200 pieces of litter. Carry on the fight.

Mike O’Shea

Let me say at the outset that I personally have had a lifelong loathing of people who drop litter and the resultant degradation of our environment.  I massively applaud your campaigning efforts and apparent effectiveness.

However – I also believe in some fundamental principles of a just society – that laws should be made, passed and scrutinized by a democratically elected parliament, that governments, local and national work for the people and that everyone has the right to proper judicial consideration of any alleged offences before the imposition of a penalty.   In this context I am shocked and saddened to see that your obvious passion about the problem of littering seems to have allowed you to justify to yourself, that individuals should be summarily punished for the crimes of others …
(Link to Rupert’s e-mail)


Rupert Lipton

A20 – first steps.  Here we go, time to tackle A20 Folkestone-Dover.  Just sent an informal complaint regarding the A20 between Folkestone and Dover, a lorry-drivers’ rubbish dump, as a first step to try to get something done about this blighted area – often the first (and last) sight of our country for many visitors. 

Martin Whybrow


Rubbish on motorway verges.  Saddened by the state of our ‘green and not so pleasant land!

Dear Peter, I have just e-mailed our local MP for Cambs and Huntingdon District Council regarding the increasing amount of litter on our motorway verges and included the link to your guardian article. I too am saddened by the increasing amount of litter strewn along out motorways. I have noticed a lot of pallet wrap tangled in trees – I am wondering if it is being blown from commercial skips? I and my partner have driven a lot of miles along motorways and would think it would almost be impossible for that amount of litter to come from cars alone. I have never seen rubbish being thrown from cars – I would certainly take their car number and report them if I did. I have great admiration for you and what you are doing, if you start a petition I would be happy to help With kind regards 

Sue Hose

Great website for a great cause. 

M40 Oxford services litter.  I discovered your website on Google after almost despairing at the disgusting state of the roadsides I drive past every day on my daily commute between Oxford where I live and Adwell village between J6 and 8a of the M40 where I work. Virtually every inch of roadside along my 20 mile journey is to some degree covered with disgusting litter presumably thrown out of car windows. Actually I vary between two or three different routes to work and literally every bit of roadside is litter covered. But I think the very worst part is around the Oxford M40 services around the roundabouts joining the services with the Aylesbury Road (A418?) It really does look like something from a horror movie, I wander has it ever been cleared. I actually saw a stretch of the A40 between the services and Milton Common being cleared a few weeks ago – it is now completely litter covered again after only a few weeks. I cannot begin to understand the mentality of a person who would throw anything out of a car window, I wander if the concept of not littering is even mentioned in schools. If only there was a way of catching, naming and shaming the low-life who selfishly ruin our beautiful countryside, I fear it simply isn’t policeable though. Anyway I admire you for setting up this website and will spread the word to everyone I know. All the best, 

Neil Costin


Cleaning up the roadside ribbons of filth.  I started our Pride of Place group ten years ago & we still have a monthly litter pick in our town today. I would really like to help you in your campaign. Please get back to me if I can help in any way.  Litter sickens and angers me – especially as we have laws and paid officials in place to help prevent its spread. It is a constant reminder of what a selfish and law flouting nation we have become.

Why are the H.A. & Network Rail not being forced to clean up their acts & what are Lord Taylor, Mike Penning et al doing about it? Would an e-petition not help ? I’m sure there must be many thousands of citizens who would sign one.

John Woolmer

Just wanted to say that I think the work you are doing is great, and that you should be proud of yourself and the valiant efforts you undertake to ensure this beautiful (albeit partly) country is kept litter-free. As a young person there is a lot of stigma attached to people like myself who go out on litter picks, and it’s great when the responsible duty bodies do actually do the work they have to. After all, they are compelled by statutory duty to do it, but so often they seem to employ an unwritten policy of ‘we’ll ignore it until anyone complains, then make vague and ambigous health and safety concern references, and if you’re lucky finally send out a guy with a litter picker to do a half-decent job’. Anyway, rant over, and keep up the good work. 

Andrew Catherall (15)


Peter, may I also bring to your attention the appalling state of railway track verges.  If one takes a journey from Heathrow/Gatwick the litter lying track side is disgraceful!  We concentrate on our Motorways which is right, but litter on railway routes is just as bad and often, the first introduction to the UK by oversea visitors.

Alvar Thomas

Keep up the good work.  

A14 is an absolute disgrace!!  My husband and I drove for the first time to Suffolk from London this past weekend.  We were absolutely sickened to see the amount of rubbish on the sides of the motorway – especially bad between Newmarket and Cambridgeshire.  I am originally from Canada and never in my life (except in perhaps 3rd world countries), have I EVER seen so much rubbish on the side of a motorway.  It is really disgraceful and sheds such a bad light on England.  I cannot believe that the government allows this situation – ESPECIALLY when the world is coming to London for 2012 Olympics.  Not exactly a great advert!  What can we do to change this?  E-petition perhaps?  Rubbish is a particularly bad problem in the UK and I would like to be part of the solution.

Rachelle Tasse

Keep up the good work. Good result with Metrolink – well done!

Andrew Edgington

Thanks for what you are doing Peter, England has become a disgrace and action needs to be taken now!

David Kendrick

During January I witnessed the M42 in Warwickshire as being badly littered, and informed the HA as such, requesting a clear-up. Six weeks later there was no improvement, so I wrote to Mike Penning (as he’s in charge), asking why the HA is allowed to flout the law in this manner. 

Weeks later I received a reply from the HA (who had presumably been forwarded my letter), listing the dates and areas on the M42 that had since been cleaned.

Not exactly the reply I had been expecting, but anyway – the HA tells me that their contractor (Amey) “aims to litter pick at least once per month along all routes”. One wonders whether this means every route will be picked once a month, or a pick will take place once a month somewhere…

I drove to London today from Derbyshire, and I can report that while the M1 north of Catthorpe was fairly littered, south of this wasn’t too bad, and the western M25 and the M4 into London were very clean. It still seems to me that the HA is being reactive rather than proactive with regards to litter, or at best carries out picks far too infrequently. Last September the M1 was quite spotless, and i wrote to the HA to congratulate them (credit where it’s due, I say), but I don’t think a pick has been done since then – certainly not once a month !

Ian Dare

Hello Peter,  a man after my own heart! Well done on the campaign. This is a national disgrace. Noticed that the M6 around Stafford (central reservation) was very bad again on a trip up North this weekend. Any particular thoughts on that one? Happy to help the campaign.

John Ford

I am apalled by the level of litter on all our motorways. Not one motorway is exempt!   This results in a blight on our countryside, an embarrassment to tourists, and should be subject to a radical overhaul in terms of responsibility not least as they do in the States with the use of those on probation etc.

Alvar Thomas

What you are doing is really important – we must get more people talking about this.

Jamie Goold

I applaud the work you are doing.  Fantastic!

I live in Sussex near Brighton and the condition of the A27 near the city is incredibly bad.  As well as the usual stuff chucked by motorists there is lots of plastic packaging and other debris which looks as though it has come from lorries with insecure loads possibly travelling to landfill sites or the incinerator at Newhaven. Who is responsible for monitoring these lorries and why is the law not enforced?   Best wishes

Victoria Scott


Please can you add the A428 from the A1 to the A1303 at Cambridge to your list of litter blighted roads (especially the dual carrigeway part of the road) as I travelled along it yesterday as part of a diversion?

Peter Martin

AMAZING work you are doing! Longbridge/ Sherbourne roundabout near Warwick is a mess.

Luke Holland

I had the good fortune to hear you on the radio this morning and thought, “at last here’s someone who thinks the same way as I do”. I agree with you entirely and, if I had my way, I would have a camera on every branch of every tree to catch these filthy people who have no respect for the rest of us.  I thought I was alone. 

Lorna Zambon.  

Well Done!  I caught the end of your interview on LBC this morning. Firstly may I say “Thank you” for standing up and speaking out about this issue.

Despite your best efforts and putting the case across very well, I felt that the presenter was really out of order. After your interview he asked us the listener to admit that we had all thrown litter out of our cars. He implied that this is normal and acceptable behaviour. I was quite offended, as I have never thrown litter out of my car or in fact littered anywhere else for that matter. His implication that it was OK, is just indicative of the lowering of standards in the media to way below acceptable levels. 

Rest assured that you have my support, for what is a completely avoidable nuisance.

Stuart Cook

Keep up the good work.  The section of the M62 closest to Liverpool, Jns 4 – 6 is one of the filthiest I have seen in a long time.   Do you have any ideas on the best way to get action? 

David Hinder

What you are doing is really important – we must get more people talking about this.

Jamie Goold

Trunk road litter. Great initiative. I travelled from Colchester to Leicester and back last week – almost all on trunk roads (A120, M11, A14, A6) and the WHOLE journey was blighted by rubbish and debris on the verges and central reservations. Like others I’m appalled both by how filthy we are as a nation and how infrequently the mess is cleared up.

Peter Martin

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to find this site, well done Peter! I was beginning to think no one cared about how filthy and dirty our country and road network had become. I do agree and thought for a long time now, as do other  supporters, that visitors must have a very bad impression of our country, litter decorates our roads and trees are festooned with plastic bags .  The situation is really quite depressing, one; that the litter has been left there in the first place and two; it is allowed to stay there…. The information on who to contact in order to take action is very helpful indeed. Thank you.

Sue Burgess

Peter, I am dispairing that the litter situation is just getting worse. It’s literally out of control on the roads I have travelled along recently, A120, A 505, M11 , A14 , A10. It’s perhaps the worst I can remember. What’s the matter with everyone? Especially the ***** councils. My theory is they are leaving it to just before the Olympics, as visitors to this country at the moment, must think they are in Egypt or India. I am ashamed to go out it’s appalling. 

Andrew Gates

Thank god someone cares!   I thought the roads were bad up here in the North-East but recently had a coach trip down to Peterborough. From S.Yorks onward, the A1 is littered almost beyond belief especially in Lincs and Cambs.    At least up here the A1, A69 etc are cleaned once a year.   Down there it looks like there’s 40 years of litter!  Depressing…

Andrew Swinster

Congratulations on creating this website.We will do our best to support.

 Jill and Mike Trenholme


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