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Inspirational.   When l am out and about in the local area l carry a carrier bag to put rubbish in. Mainly it is sweet wrappers and empty cans. I fear the mothers of the children attending local schools do not have a investment in even trying to keep our street litter free. Why?

Ann Hillis .

Great stuff.  keep up the good work!

Sue Brown

Underground Station litter clearance.   Good luck with Boris.  Well done Peter for finally getting the authorities to clean things up. What a shame that they should resort to such hostile tactics when they should be thanking you for your feedback; diligent research and persistence. It is shameful that organisations receiving public money should waste it on expensive lawyers engaged in basic bullying tactics.  I think the mis-use of funds should be taken up somewhere with relevant audit responsibilities.

Andrew Edgington


Well done Peter. It’s absolutely astonishing that the “big state” would rather use a barrister to discredit an honest citizen, than simply doing what they are obliged to do and clean up the litter (which would be a lot cheaper).

Jonathan Burns


Well done Peter I admire your perseverance regarding this important issue.  I and many other people have noticed the phenomenal amount of litter disposed of along our highways. If you had not taken action we would all have ended up driving along a rubbish tip. The root cause of this problem must be resolved and the perpetrators of this filthy habit brought to justice. Maybe a law should be passed that confiscates the vehicle from drivers that dispose of litter onto the highway.

  Ray Krystofiak

We must respect our roadsides.  You have my support. I cringe at the litter by our roadsides. Our European neighbours respect their countries far more than we do. We must relearn that respect too.

Frances Munro

 Thank you Peter for creating a positive atmosphere for collective social responsibility!  Congratulations, I am admire your perseverance and determination to tackle this sad issue of the UK – our Litter State.  I have spent the last 25 years travelling for my job in Europe and I can confirm that Britain is THE DIRTIEST place I have ever been to.

John Lindsay

I have followed vehicles driving down the small road I travel each day from home to town, The passengers in these vehicles throw out rubbish from the motors some times trying to deposit in headge rows, I wish there was a web site we could send the registration to and maybe a letter is sent to warn the owner of this vehicle, its so frustrating

 Gerald Wood

A Nation of Litter.   Fully support your aims with CPRE & CLUB.   A303 in Somerset, A358 in Somerset, rural lanes in Wiltshire, public parks, A4 between Chippenham and Bath, A350 throughout its length – ALL AWASH WITH LITTER. Why don’t people dispose of their litter properly? 

 Mike Waight

Great stuff.  I applaud this effort, and personally abhore litter. Would like to see more effort to use laws already in place to clean up our towns, not just the highways.

Tony Warner

Person littering on motorway:  just now on the m6 were stuck in traffic and I saw a person getting out of his car and littering.  The person car number plate is DY11 NBE  


I’m active in my local Merton community and currently threatening the Council and Tramlink with a litter abatement order after many complaints its the last resort.  We have been trying to get them to clean all the litter and debris on the embankments, pathways and bin areas of Mitcham tramstop. No one is prepared to take responsibility .  Regular Cleansing is severely lacking but we are determined to get them to clean up their act!

Dionne Wilkinson

I am fully supportive of your campaign as the problem of littering in this country is dreadful as far as I am concerned. We now seem to have a generation ( if not more ), who seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to simply dump litter wherever / whenever !   I am frustrated at the apparent lack of government / council action with regard to this issue.   Can you advise what steps can be taken in my local area to get something done .    NB: My area is Tyne and Wear

Steve Dawson


Stop the Drop’s own Will Gates works very closely with Peter Silverman – a tenacious and inspirational individual – on litter abatement orders.  Peter’s website provides some fascinating information about what he’s been up to and the significant progress he’s making.

Bill Bryson

Well done I think the M40  along which I often drive is looking better.

Amanda Benton

The escalating and continual scourge of litter  –  Your campaign is most needed and now we need to ‘up-the-ante’!

I lead a small residents association in a part of east London where litter, fly-tipping, spitting and dog fouling has reached epidemic proportions and is costing our council millions.

It seems to me that the country needs a ‘litter tsar’ to drive behaviour change amongst the citizens but also the relevant local authorities, many of whom seem to have completely abrogated their responsibilities in this regard.

There is no strategic national ‘vision’ for the eradication of the litter problem in England and consequently there is no strategic national plan.

That is why we need a key individual and team to develop a national vision and strategy and drive behaviour change.

James Phillips


Keep up the good work.   I am dismayed at how the roads/pavements become so littered with very little response from Highways Agency and local councils. I am constantly contacting my council, East Herts, to clean up the roads and pavements but I feel like I am losing the battle!

Keith Phillips

A41  Its about time someone did something!!!   Three years ago I carried out a contract in Hemel Hemstead and I could’nt believe how much rubbish was on both sides of the roadway, I tried to report this to the local council to be told that they were short of money!!  I have recently had to use this section of road again and to my dismay 3 years later its just as bad if not worse!   The section of highway I am talking about is from the M25 Junction towards Chesham etc. Many thanks.


Roger Darvell.


What a great website Peter and thank goodness there are people like you around tackling the sickening litter problem. I thought it was just me just noticing it and going crazy. Great success on the M40. Hope it’s still litter free.

The uk is trashed with litter and depressing to look at when travelling. My recent tourist visit travelling from Leicester through the lovely Rutland Water to historic Stamford in Lincolnshire was spoilt by roadside litter throughout the journey to and from it. (A47, A6003, A606) Plasic bottles, cans, plastic tangled in hedges and trees. Tesco Bags with rubbish  inside (neatly tied up may I say). Laybys full of rubbsih. WITH NO BINS!( and we only see probably a third of what is on the ground in a car). Most of it will be covered by vegeatation growth during the summer when no doubt the Highways agency/councils will monitor it for their records and class it grade B or above.  highways agency is a joke and obviously not co-ordinating litter clearences properly or efficiently. Why are there no bins in many parking laybys? You see litter that has been on the side of roads for years.

When travelling in France for holidays you just do not see this mess. Why? are they more efficient at clearing any mess up or do the french people take more responsibilty regarding disposal of their rubbish. I think its a combination of both. Keep up the great work you and others are doing.

Dave Curley

Well done keep it up!  If you want any free advice please get in touch.

Andrew Munro

Well done. This sort of action is long overdue.   I wholly agree with you: the litter on our highways and trunk roads is a national disgrace. It would be nice to think that the Highways Agency could be shamed into raising its game.

Matthew Jones

I have recently found about your plight when I printed off some information about the litter abatement order, publicised by Bill Bryson recently. Can I say first of all, nice one and well done, keep up the good work!

Rachael Hesketh

Is  there a petition I can sign ?   I agree with everything you say on this subject and I have thought for years and years that the Highways Agency needs to get the verges cleared as soon as possible. Its a national disgrace.

Carolyn Greenaway

What you are doing deserves support, you certainly have mine.Well done.  I am simply disgusted by the amount of litter that I see in England now, it’s no longer the England that I used to know or would expect.Something is fundamentally wrong.

Brian Oliver

Make Britain Great & Green Again! The litter along the A14 in particular from Cambridge to Newmarket and beyond is thick with litter everywhere you look! Bags stuck in hedgerows, blowing like flags from trees, and debris all along the verge for as far as the eye can see. It is a hazard to wildlife and to drivers as it blows into the road now also.  It has to be cleared urgently.

Samantha Munro

Nice work!    I am delighted to hear that you have been successful in using LAO’s.

Ian Francis

Peter, I totally support your actions on litter.

Andrew Gates


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