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Finding your website has brightened up a very grey winter’s day!

Roger Davis

Excellent work Peter!

Andy Killworth


Congratulations to Peter and Clean Highways from Campaign to  Protect Rural England. Congratulations for establishing a really useful website. It has and continues to be a wealth of information on all things section 91 and is a real inspiration. I hope that you attract many supporters keen to take action into their own hands and get their local environment cleaned.

Will Gates (CPRE)

Well done Peter Keep up the good work.

Ray Wallis

Really glad to see the sterling efforts you have made against the HA along the M40. I have been battling with Area 4 HA which covers the network in Kent. After years of battling with Kent County Council intervention, the HA maintain the A2 in North Kent on the ‘fringe’ of the EPA 1990. The M20 is maintained free of litter to a higher standard because it is a tourist route to Dover and the politicians use it to access the county town of Maidstone. Area 4 has trouble clearing the A2 and M2 between Dartford and Faversham, especially between Dartford and Gillingham Kent. You have inspired me to enforce the EPA 1990 against the HA. Well Done!

Brian Reynolds

I just have just read the piece in the Guardian about you and how your campaign began. This is fantastic work you are doing, please keep it up! I am currently based in Los Angeles, which has it’s own litter problems but I have been inspired by the work you are doing and plan to work with my son’s school to address the problem of litter locally!

Martin Jago

I have read an article in the guardian newspaper regarding the problem with litter and the way you have dealt with it. I have also had problems with the A40 in Greenford, and I draw inspiration from your efforts, and  am continuing in the same vain of which you are to get the problem resolved. Well Done

Douglas Dimpsey

Well done Peter for showing the way. have often been appalled at the state of the highways and having read your article in “the week” I was very compelled to trace the root of the story. You have done a great job at explaining the process and I am sure the information will be helpful to lots of people.  

Jason Baxter

I am delighted to hear of the sterling work you are doing re litter.    I frequently travel throughout this country and find that I can’t enjoy the wonderful countryside because I am constantly looking at the litter. I would love to get involved with your campaign. What can I do to help?

Judith Gilmore


Very inspired by your lead. Is it possible to do the same thing to enforce London borough councils (and their contractors) to clear up litter from urban areas and in particular municipal flower beds? I hope so!

Kirsten Downer

Well done – on many occasions I have been appalled by all the litter on the M40 verges. I thought, maybe one day the Highways Authority will eventually clean up the mess. Congratulations for all your hard work in resolving this matter.

Ray Krystofiak


Very Interested to see the outcome of your case.  Why don’t we ever target the litterers? I’m sure the people trying to pick up the litter are doing their best.

John Williams


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