M6 Preston

Littered M6 embankment blights park

Highways Agency clean up neglected M6 embankment following complaint

M6 litter Withy Grove Park

Withy Grove Park is bordered to the east by the M6 (between junction 29 and 30) and to the south by the railway line serving nearby Bamber Bridge station.  The location can be here on Google Maps.

Rachel Hesketh who is trying to set up a friends’ group is concerned that views from the park are blighted by rubbish lying on the adjacent motorway and railway embankments. Both areas have been neglected by the duty bodies responsible for “ensuring they are kept free of litter and refuse” i.e. the Highways Agency and Network Rail.

 On 27 th March 2010, after seeking my advice,  she e-mailed the Highways Agency saying “Could you please remove the litter and refuse which has accumulated on the embankment on the west side of the M6 between junctions 29 and 30.  I am particularly concerned about the stretch bordering Withy Grove Park which runs from the railway line in the south to Brindle Road in the north”.

On  4th April Rachel reported that “the M6 embankment  has been cleaned up! It’s amazing, they haven’t done a brilliant job (to my high standards!) but it is so much better and they have removed all of the larger items (except 1 traffic cone, out of 25 not bad!!), cleaned the fence line really well and it all looks much more green and a lot cleaner!… Thanks very much for your advice, support and involvement and helping to make my park a cleaner place.  I am very happy about it all, I will keep you posted with any further developments.”


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