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M40 – Good news on litter

On March 10, 2014, in Area 10, DBFO contracts, Highways Agency, M40, by PeterSilverman

I have written to the manager of Highways Agency Area 30 congratulating him on the clean state of the M40.  In contrast Area 10 in the northwest of England is a total disgrace.

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From: Peter Silverman
Sent: 10 March 2014 13:17
M40 – Good news on litter

Dear Steve,

I gather you have taken over as the Highways Agency manager in charge of Area 30 i.e. the M40.

Over the weekend I drove from London to Manchester along the M1, M6, M56 and M67. All 4 motorways were badly defaced by litter and refuse.

On my return journey I took the M40 and drove along its entire length. I did of course see one or two places that needed attention. However the contrast with the other motorways was quite amazing.

The verges were manicured and generally clean. Even the bottom of the off eastbound slip road at J1 was clean. This had previously been a bone of contention.

Earlier improvements for which I would claim some responsibility  were initiated in February 2010.  However, you seem to have taken things another step forward. Hopefully these standards will be now be maintained and the dark days of 2009/2010 will soon seem a distant memory.

Steve, I would be most grateful if you could let me know how this situation has been brought about and what cleansing and inspection routines are now in force.

I have incorporated this e-mail into a new post on my web site which includes photographs taken over the weekend contrasting your Area with Area 10 in the northwest of England.

I will shortly be drawing it to the attention of Robert Goodwill MP, the Under-secretary for Transport and Mrs Louise Ellman MP, the Chair of the Commons Select Transport Committee.

I look forward to hearing from you. Tell us how you and Steve Field at your contractors, UK Highways M40 Ltd, have brought about this transformation.

Kind regards,


Peter Silverman


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