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M40 Complaints made by public

On June 1, 2010, in M40, by PeterSilverman

The Highways Agency sent me copies of 19 complaints received from members of the public regarding the littered state of the M40 in the 6 months to 31/03/10.  Here are a some extracts:

“I was appalled by the mounds of litter on the slip roads”

“I haven’t seen a litter picking team on the motorways for a long time”

“Caller reports severe litter problems on the M40”

“I have been struck by the phenomenal level of litter on this motorway”

“Caller also reports that the situation is very bad on the entire length of the M40”

“Gentleman is complaining about the state of litter build on the M40 in general and would like to know what measures are taken to keep it clean”

“Litter on verge of M40  – why is nothing being done?  he feels it is a national embarrassment”

“Parts of M40, M6 and M56 appeared very rubbish strewn on recent journeys”

“I travel between J15 and J 2 of the M40 at least 3 times a week.  … I can’t fail to notice the amount of litter that has been collecting on the verges”

“I am writing to complain about the appalling levels of litter I recently witnessed whilst travelling on the M25 and M40 from Heathrow to Oxford.  I am not exaggerating when I say it was the case of spotting the odd clean or almost clean part.”

” Also entering the M40 towards London at J2 the off side verge on the slip road is so full of cans that it is impossible to see the grass and the litter extends to J1A”

” I travel on the motorways quite regularly and have not seen a litter picking team for a long time.  Have you given up with it?”

“I was disgusted to see the that the situation was so bad.  The main culprit areas are the M40 to and from London between J3 and J1…. .it (the litter) is very often very sun damaged showing that it has been there for a considerable time”

“He witnessed them strimming the grass on the M40 slip roads. Whilst they were strimming the grass they were also strimming the litter”

The agency will shortly publish the full text of these reports  on the FOI page of their web site.  Look under May


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