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Information previously supplied for M40 in 2010 show far many more complaints about motorway litter than the Highways Agency now admit to.

I recently put an information request for the number of complaints about litter received by the Highways Agency between Jan 2009 and May 2014.

They provided the following table which shows only 3 complaints were received about litter for the  M40 DBFO contract area (J1 to J15) in 2010.HA complaints 09_14 arrowed
However in May 2010 the Agency had sent me the following schedule of litter complaints received in respect to the section of the M40  between J1 and J4.

I was also sent copies of each of complaint record so there can be no question of any error in the schedule.

From it one can see that 14 complaints were received in the first 3 months of 2010 alone.

HA M40 compliants 2010The new 2010 M40 figure is clearly a gross understatement.

I do not have comparison figures for other years or other motorways but it  would be difficult to accept that the only errors in the new figures were in respect to the only period / motorway area for which earlier figures were available.


Litter on M40 Feb 2010

Peter Silverman
23rd July 2014


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