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Clean Highways on BBC1 TV -2014

On December 2, 2014, in Highways Agency, M40, M40 J1 Denham, M40 slip roads, by PeterSilverman

Clean Highways was featured in BBC1’s “Don’t Mess With Me (5)” presented by Margaret Mountford and broadcast on 28th November 2014.

Here is the 7 minutes section  on motorway litter with contributions from myself and the Highways Agency.

Tim LyverThe Highways Agency’s Tim Lyver states that litter picking on motorways is so dangerous that they won’t let their contractors do it without lane closures (traffic management).  However this is not the case for any verge alongside a hard shoulder or at the bottom of an “off” slip-road.

Both are safely littered picked without lane closures. In the first case a blocking vehicle, positioned on the hard shoulder, protects the operative. The verges at the bottom of a slip road can, in most cases, be safely littered picked during the rush hour when the traffic speeds are low.

Yet, as all we all know, these “safe” areas are persistently and routinely neglected.

This is neatly illustrated by these three still images taken from the programme. They show in turn the two verges either side of the M40 J1 westbound off slip-road and the paved triangle a the end (click to enlarge). Each piece of land shown can be safely accessed on foot from the contractors depot just 3 minutes walk away.  Yet they are always littered.

J1 TV 3J1 TV 5J1 TV 8





The programme will be available on BBC i-Player for the next  few weeks. Click here to see episode 5 from the beginning.

Peter Silverman
2nd December 2014


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