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On 27th February I wrote to Jim O’Sullivan, Highways England’s CEO, with a video showing the horrific state of A40 in Buckinghamshire and a WARNING NOTICE  saying that I would take him to court under EPA S91 if the road was not cleaned with  60 days.

9 days later, not having carried out any cleansing for over a year, HE’s contractor suddenly removed 300 bags of litter from the area and cleaned some of the blocked drains I had also complained about.

In his letter of 12 March, on behalf of JO’S, HE’s Operations Director Nick Harris wrote:

“I acknowledge, based on your videos that there has been an oversight in the maintenance of this section of the network.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention”

However the job has only partly been done.  I will be sending Mr O’Sullivan another video shortly showing what has been missed and the appalling state of the adjacent Denham Roundabout, J1 of the M40 which HE continues to be ignore.

In the meantime 1,250 people have signed our petition calling for Highways England to comply with their statutory duty on litter.


Peter Silverman
14th March 2018


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