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The Denham roundabout is under J1 of the M40 and is part on Highways England’s Area 5 which covers the M25 and some nearby trunk roads. The contractor is Connect Plus (M25) Ltd. This post looks at their failure to carry out their contractual duties in respect to issues other than litter removal since 2012. The images have been taken from Google Street View with the addition of some taken on 18th March 2019.

The whole area was given a major overhaul in the summer of 2012 following a complaint I had made to the Magistrates Court against the Secretary of State for Transport.

NB. Please click on each image to enlarge it.

A and B –  The top pictures are from Aug 2012 after the tidy up. Weeds have subsequently been allowed to grow through the paving blocks and detritus has build up on the road. The sticker on the bollard – evident in September 2015 – was still there on 18th March 2019.

C  shows a similar deterioration. An iron stand has been abandoned and damaged bollard left lying on the road.  

D illustrates how detritus was left to accumulate in a gutter for years on end. H shows more unfettered weed growth and 5 items of contractor debris including another discarded iron stand.

F shows that damage to a mini island has been left un-repaired for at least 5 years, G shows that a collapsed kerb stone (on the west bound off-slip) was not dealt in the same 5 year period and the area it once occupied has become filled with grass. See close up taken on 18th March.

J shows another mini – island on the roundabout. It’s the same old story. Seemingly nothing has been done to prevent weed growth since 2012. Cones have been left in situ and illegal adverts on the traffic lights have not been removed.

Scrub has been allowed to infest drainage ditches and verges making is difficult to clear litter.
Contractor debris in the form
of iron stands, sandbags and
cones is everywhere

Peter Silverman
19th March 2019


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