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M32 e-mail to contractor

On August 5, 2011, in M32, by PeterSilverman

Message Received: Aug 05 2011, 10:30 AM
From: “Andrew Edgington”
To: “CustomerCare”
Subject: RE: Our Ref CCID:10027/HAIL:13187271 – M32

5 Aug 2011


Dear Ryan,

Thank you very much for your reply dated 4 August. You met your target of a response within 15 days of my first report – thanks.

I drove along this stretch of the motorway on Monday this week – Aug 1st.  Its condition was unchanged since my first report was filed with you.  I will continue to look at the condition of this area of the M32 when I use it, which is approx. weekly.

1. I would be grateful for clarification of the phrase ‘as soon as resources permit’. Forgive my cynicism, but this is a pretty meaningless commitment as stated.  My understanding is that you have a contractual obligation to the Highways Agency to ensure that the motorway is cleaned and kept clean, and that this obligation is not qualified with reference to resource availability in the way you have worded your reply.

2. Can you tell me when this section of the M32 will, in fact, be cleared of litter?

3.  I would be grateful if you could translate the term ‘high priority’ into something more tangible and understandable such as frequency of planned/routine litter clearance;  or target response time to reports of litter.

4. You mentioned the M32 and slip roads in general. Are these the only ‘high priority’ areas; or are there others? Could you please email me a copy of your inspection / cleaning strategy / code of practice?

5.  Finally, could you let me have a schedule showing what cleaning has taken place on the M32 between 1st January to 30 July 2011 showing the dates the cleaning took place and the sections cleaned including slip roads?

My understanding is that Highways Agency contractors such as yourself are subject to the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 under S2 (2) (d) relating to provision of such information on request.

Yours sincerely


Andrew Edgington


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