M32 – 2012

Balfour Beatty: “Our Senior Route Engineer confirms that that we are correctly working and following the litter picking requirements outlined by the Highways Agency and unless we are instructed to spend more money by our Client we will continue to follow these practices“.

M32 J1 southbound offAndrew Edgington is continuing his campaign to get the M32 cleaned up. He has provided Balfour Beatty with copious photographic evidence their continuing failure to clean the verges in compliance with their contract with the Highways Agency.  They have responded by saying that they are working in line with their contract and will continue to follow the same practices unless instructed to spend more money.

The contract states ” Sweeping and cleaning – overall requirement – a network that is clean and free from litter” See Routine & Winter Service Code   The Highways Agency is therefore already paying the contractor to keep the road free from litter so why would they need more money?

Andrew has now written directly to  Mike (“our motorways are blighted by rubbish”) Penning, Under-secretary of State for Transport with responsibility for the motorways, for clarification.


See M40 – 2011 case study




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