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M40 J1, A405 and A13 all supposedly cleaned by Connect Plus M25 Ltd on behalf of Highways England Click above to enlarge picture

The maintenance of the M25 and some trunk roads linked to it (HE Area 5)  is contracted out by Highways England Connect Plus (M25) Ltd.

See M25 Audit Office reveals PFI contractors super profits

On 6th March 2018 Highways England explained that:

The contract was performance based which meant that there were penalties in either a financial form or through the allocation of performance points were applied  if standards were not up held.

In regard to litter I was told that HE monitored Connect Plus’ performance by carrying out Environmental litter tours with them during which the state of the network was  scored and compared with target levels of cleanliness  detailed in their Maintenance and Operations Environmental Management Plan.

Under the contract Connect Plus have to carry out “minor repairs to all elements of the Project Facilities, cleansing, verge and horticultural maintenance and Winter and Severe Weather Service and inspections and surveys associated with any of the foregoing’.

On 11th June 2018 I submitted a Freedom of Information inquiry to HE asking for, inter alia, the total financial penalties applied over the previous 4 years and how much was in respect to litter clearance.

9 months later on 6th March 2019  HE conceded that no financial penalties whatsoever had been applied in the 4 year period which meant none had been applied for litter clearance.

Evidence of blatant contractor underperformance 2014 -2108

All of these locations are in M25 Area 5 and are shown on this map.

  1. 2012 – 2019 Denham Roundabout M40 J1 – contractor failings
  2. February 2018 – A40 off-Slip and lay-by video.
  3.  March 2017 – A1089 Tilbury approach Councillor slams Highways England over filthy lay-bys
  4. September 2016- A13 –Wennington junction 
  5. September 2016 – A13 lay-by (video)
  6. 2017 – A405 Herts 
  7. April 2017 – A13, A1089, and J3 all declared litter hot-spots by Highways England

Minister urged to act

I have written to roads minister Jesse Norman MP asking him to demand that Highways England seek compensation for the above contractual failures – plus any others they can identify – and implement a meaningful contract management regime for the future.

I pointed out to him that in 2018 the Audit Office estimated that we were due to pay this contractor a further £8 billion up to the end of the contract in 2040 and that we need to make sure we get what we are paying for.

M25 contract – litter picking

M25 contact in full

Denham roundabout map showing it is part of M25 contract

Peter Silverman
21st March 2019


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