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M40 J1, A405 and A13 all supposedly cleaned by Connect Plus M25 Ltd on behalf of Highways England

On 6th March 2018 in response to an enquiry of 14th February about Highways England’s Area 5 contract with  Connect Plus (M25) Ltd I was told that:

The contract was performance based which meant that there were penalties in either a financial form or through the allocation of performance points were applied  if standards were not up held.

In regard to litter I was told that HE monitored Connect Plus’ performance by carrying out Environmental litter tours with them during which the state of the network was  scored and compared with target levels of cleanliness  detailed in their Maintenance and Operations Environmental Management Plan.

On 11th June 2018 I submitted a Freedom of Information inquiry to HE asking in respect to the M25 contract area  for the total penalties applied over the previous 4 years and how much was in respect to litter clearance.

My request and the subsequent correspondence can be seen here

1,021 performance points had been allocated in the 4 years.  Three of these were for litter – all of which were in 2017/18.

They refused to supply the total financial penalties saying that their contractor would be resistant to releasing the information.

No information was provided about any financial penalties applied as a result of their “environmental litter tours” presumably because there had been  none – making a complete mockery of the whole process.

In 2012 I had criticised the efficacy  of these Environmental Amenity Index Audits.

Peter Silverman
1st September 2018


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