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Locals and Dave cleaning up HE trunk road

On January 29, 2020, in Area 5, Highways England, M25, by PeterSilverman

Mystery litter-picker on A405 – a Saint from St Albans

Dave with Alex Thomson from C4 News
John Roy with Alex Thomson

I was with John Read of Clean Up Britain and Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News this morning on the A405 just south of J21 of the M25.

This is a Highways England trunk roads where they, rather than the local authority, have the statutory duty to keep it clear of litter.

We had arranged to meet with John Roy of the Brickett Wood Residents Association. A group of their members litter pick this road sometimes filling 20 bags in a session.

When we arrived someone was litter picking on the other side of the road. But it wasn’t anyone from their group. It was Dave from St Albans who was there purely by chance. He had filled 5 bags,

Apparently he simply goes off in his car and when he sees a roads-side that needs a tidy up stops and gets to work.

You may see him on Channel 4 News on or after Monday, 3rd February.


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