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This is the service road / rear pedestrian entrance into Waitrose in Ruislip, HA4 7DS. It’s off Kingsend – the road I live in.

Its wonderful to have a Waitrose so handy but this access is invariably a mess.

In 2016 /2017 on approximately 10 occasions I asked the duty manager to take a look at it with me.   It was never the same person. They always promised to sort it out but never did.

I gave up complaining and started to take the odd photograph when I was passing.  The three plastic floor tiles shown below were in situ on 17th November 2017. They were still there on 3rd February 2019 – 15 months later.

E-mail to Chief Executive – London Borough of Hillingdon

Tweet 6th February

Update 12th February:

5 days after sending out the above tweet the tiles were removed and the roadway was partially cleaned up. However much rubbish was left in situ as shown in the photographs below and I have e-mailed Waitroses CEO, Rob Collins  accordingly.  – Watch this space











Update 24th February:










Overgrown vegetation dealt with but cardboard etc left in situ


Peter Silverman
24th February 2019


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