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This junction seems to have been abandoned by both the London Borough of Brent who are supposed to keep it clear of litter and by TfL who are meant to keep it in a good state of repair.

On 23rd May 2019, after a pleasant lunch at the Ace Cafe, I walked across the road to inspect the nearby junction of the North Circular Road. This is what I saw :

When I got home checked on Google Street view and found that the kerb had been damaged some time prior to June 2015 – 4 years previously – and had been left un-repaired ever since. See below:

TfL, Transport for London, are responsible for all aspects of the maintenance of the North Circular apart from cleansing. This duty lies with each Borough along its route, in this case, the London Borough of Brent.

Peter Silverman
29th May 2019


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