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Councils spend under 60p per week per household on street cleansing including graffiti and fly- tipping removal.

That’s 0.76% of their total expenditure (less than 1%)

The average household spends 5 times more on hairdressing and beauty treatments

Figures for 2017-18 in red were added on 14th June 2018

Source: Dept for Communities and Local Government Revenue Budget Account 2016-17 England

Dept for Communities and Local Government Revenue Budget Account 2017-18 England

Environmental & Regulatory Services:
570 Street Cleansing  (not chargeable to Highways)      £695 million (£671 million)

Total Service Expenditure                                                      £90,923 million (£94,469 million)

Meaning of “not chargeable to Highways”:

The Guidance notes list what is covered under 570

Line 570 Street cleansing (not chargeable to Highways)
o Street cleaning, sweeping and removal of litter and refuse from land, litter
bins, etc in public areas (including shopping centres and towpaths) that are
required to comply with the Environmental Protection Act;
o Collection of illegally fly-tipped rubbish;
o Removal of dead animals;
o Removal of abandoned vehicles which do not constitute a traffic hazard;
o Cleansing of foreshores;
o Graffiti removal.

It says: “Record any clearance to keep carriageways free of litter or hazards for road safety purposes, under Highways environmental maintenance on line 247″.

Under line 247 Environmental, safety and routine maintenance the notes say:
Record routine street sweeping/cleaning for environmental purposes on line 570.

We can therefore ignore the small element of cleansing that is recorded under 247


Street and highway cleansing including graffiti and fly-tipping removal accounts for 695/ 90,923 = 0.76 % of Council expenditure.

There are 23 million households in England. Therefore the annual expenditure per household is 696 / 23 =  £30.26 or 58p per week! (£29.17 pa or 56p/ week)

Lets make some comparisons with other items of  weekly household expenditure

Street cleansing etc    £0.58

Booze tobacco and narcotics   £12.00 –  20 times more

Hair dressing and beauty treatments   £3.40  –  5 times more

Take away meals not eaten at home  £3.10 -5 times more

Peter Silverman
3rd February 2017
14th June 2018









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