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High speed A34 only litter picked once a year

On May 12, 2014, in Local Authorities, by PeterSilverman

Michael Pease had complained to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council about the littered state of sections the  A34. Much of it is  a non residential  dual carriageway without any hard shoulder.  Stockport MBC are responsible for its maintenance and cleansing.

He was told that:

“The high speed stretch of the highway will be cleared as part of the annual High Speed Road Maintenance Programme” and that:

“The A34 requires traffic management along its route for the safety of the operatives carrying out their duties, this traffic management is costly and the authority must consider the expense when setting their cleansing schedules. As highlighted previously we consider that carrying out cleansing alongside maintenance is the most practical and efficient use of our limited resource, as described in the Code of Practice”.

This latter sentence seems to be a reference to Litter Code of Practice 11.4.7

Full text of letter from Stockport MBC

Peter Silverman
12th May 2014


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