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In September I reported that I had written to Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, warning him of my intention to seek a Judicial Review of the Prime Minister’s Office’s failure to decide my complaint that DEFRA minister, Therese Coffey MP, had misled the House of Commons over the exclusion of motorways etc from the Littering From Vehicles Outside London Regulations.

Not having received any response from him I filed a claim for a judicial review with the High Court on 9th October and served copies on the Government Legal Office, Therese Coffey MP and Tamara Finkelstein, the Permanent Secretary at DEFRA on 18th October. A certificate of service was lodged with the High Court.

The Prime Minister’s Office have 22 days (not working days) to acknowledge / respond to the High Court with a copy to me. This takes us to 12th November but they can be given a further 7 days taking us to 19th November.

For more on this issue please go to Littering from vehicles – defective legislation

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Peter Silverman

8th November 2019


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