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Broken Window Theory

On September 27, 2011, in Litter fines, Other street scene, by PeterSilverman
Broken Window Theory

The ‘Broken Windows’ theory was developed by two American academics, George Kelling and James Wilson, in 1983.

It says visible signs of decay in a neighbourhood  –  litter, broken windows, graffiti, abandoned housing – signals public disinterest and encourages crime  prompting ‘respectable’ community members to leave.

The theory demands that the signs of decay are removed quickly and minor misdemeanours are pursued with the same vigour as serious crimes.

In the context of highway cleaning this means duty bodies should ensure that :

1.Litter and  fly-tipped waste is removed promptly and

2. The perpetrators of these offences should face a real risk of being brought to book.

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Peter Silverman
24th February 2013


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