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Even if its contractor stuck religiously to the specification shown in the document below Highways England would still not be in compliance with their statutory duty.

Highways England – Area 4 – Asset Maintenance and Operational Requirements (AMOR) – Part 15 – Sweeping and Cleaning Maintenance Requirement – Version 1.4

This is the current contractual specification laid down by Highways England for cleaning its Area 4 which includes the M20 and M2 in Kent.

When you cut out the management speak about “outcomes” and “deliverables” it says in effect:

That the relevant highways have to be “predominantly free from litter, refuse and detritus and fly tipping”. This could means that on average more than 50% of the surface is not obscured by litter.

That paved and non-paved areas (incl. verges) have to be restored to grade A and B respectively as defined in the Code of Practice on Litter within the Code’s last resort response times.

This means a littered lay-by, once identified, can be left like that for 14 days and a section of verge for 28 days.

There is no mention of how compliance with these requirements will be monitored by Highways England.

Even if the contractor stuck religiously to them Highways England would not be in compliance with their statutory duty to ensure their highways are kept clear of litter and refuse so far as is practicable

Peter Silverman
Litter – the big Westminster cover up
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