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Why you should tweet #betterroads now

On December 16, 2013, in Highways Agency, Legislation, Parliament, by PeterSilverman

The House of Commons Select Committee on Transport are in the middle of their inquiry into the Strategic Road Network i.e. the motorways and trunk roads managed by the Highways Agency. This should be completed by the end of February 2014. Their brief includes:

How can we improve the reliability and efficiency of travel on the strategic road network?

How should the Highways Agency be reformed to make it “the world’s leading highway operator”?

I have submitted written evidence to them arguing that the failure of the Agency to comply with the duty to ensure the motorways are kept clear of litter should be taken into account in considering the reforms required to improve the management of the network, and that efficient travel should include the concept of travel in a clean environment.

They are however under no obligation to look at this issue – but there is a simple way to bring this matter to their attention.

The Committee have designated #betterroads as the tweet # for the inquiry. They will be looking at #betterroads tweets to monitor public feedback.

Please therefore tweet your concerns motorway litter remembering to include the #betteroads hatchtag.

If you wanted to include a reference to my evidence you could use this shortened url 

Check the tweets that have already been made #betterroads

Peter Silverman
16th December 2013



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