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The Government’s much heralded Litter Strategy was published in April 2017.

However Conservative Manifesto published a month later made no reference to it. It simply said:

“We will do more to reduce litter, including by supporting comprehensive rubbish collection and recycling, supporting better packaging, taking new powers to force councils to remove roadside litter and prosecuting offenders”

By June even that promise seems to have gone by the board. Queens Speech also made no reference to litter whatsoever.

And what about the ministers who drew up the Strategy.

Andrea Leadsom was in overall charge as Secretary of State at DEFRA. She is now Leader of the House of Commons.

Of the three co-authors:

Lord Kimble  is still at DEFRA but not responsible for environmental management.

John Hayes is still at the DfT but no longer responsible for the Highways England network

Marcus Jones, is still at the Department for Communities and Local Government but ministers are currently under review

However the strategy does fulfill a useful purpose. It gives ministers something to say  when dealing with questions about litter. For example: This question from Roger Godsiff MP


Peter Silverman
14th July 2017




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